4 Way Interclub Comp Result (Part 2- prints) at Gateshead - Thursday 19th February 2015.

On Thursday 19th February 2015, Gateshead Camera Club hosted Part Two of the Four Way Interclub Competition
between Gosforth, Cramlington, Morpeth and Gateshead. Each club had submitted four colour & four monochrome
prints,which were marked out of thirty by visiting judge Alan McCormick, LRPS from Hexham Photographic Society.
Alan commented on each print, offering constructive critique and his personal observations on the thirty two prints
and it was clear that on the night that the hosts entry was of high quality and this was reflected in the final scores
of Gateshead - 220, Gosforth - 208, Cramlington - 207 and Morpeth - 205.
Gateshead also had the highest scoring print and the top scorers for Morpeth were Elaine Illingworth with "Run for
your Life" - 28 marks and Davy Bolam with "Outer limits" - 27 marks.

In this Two-Part competition the scores from the Projected Digital Image section (part 1, that was held on 27/11/14)
are added to the scores of the Print Section (part 2) to decide the winners. Morpeth had come first in the Projected
Digital Image section but in the final outcome after the scores had been added together Gateshead had made up the
deficit to take the trophy. Scores from both competitions as shown below -

1st. Gateshead - Pdi 196, Prints 220 = Total 416.
2nd. Morpeth - Pdi 204, Prints 205 = Total 409.
3rd. Cramlington - Pdi 201, Prints 207 = Total 408.
4th. Gosforth - Pdi 195, Prints 208 = Total 403.

So congratulations to Gateshead who take the trophy as overall winners with Morpeth runners up in second place.