Chasing the Light - Tuesday 13th November 2012.

At Morpeth Methodist Church on Tuesday 13th November, there was an audio visual spectacular presented by landscape and natural history photograph John Webster, ARPS, MPAGB, entitled ‘Chasing the Light’.
John commenced the night with a short talk emphasising the importance of an early start, explaining that he usually started his day at dawn which is the best time to encounter wildlife and the amazing light which is evident in his many beautiful photographs.
The first stop on his journey was Tanzania with stunning photographs of wildlife, birds of prey and water fowl on the plains of Africa then Provence with beautifully lit lavender fields, sunflowers and butterflies. The early mist of Yellowstone Park with its sulphur springs, waterfalls and wildlife and dawn reflections of the Teton Mountains in autumn was accompanied by haunting music that perfectly depicted the atmosphere of this amazing area. Ireland followed with its misty lakes, shores and cloud formations accompanied by soft Irish melodies.
‘A Scottish Autumn’ followed with autumnal images of gorges, forests and waterfalls of Perthshire at its best; Venice, St Mark’s Square, photographs reminiscent of Canaletto paintings and Murano with its vibrant colourful fishermen’s cottages bathed in light; Aspen, Colorado and the Great Sands National Monument, the Everglades in Florida with its crocodiles and waterfowl and the poppies, butterflies and the mist shrouded hills of Tuscany. John concluded his presentation with ‘Seasons of Mist’ with stunning Lakeland scenes of Derwentwater and Buttermere in autumn, a magical time of the year. His carefully chosen music which accompanied his photographs, together with poetry, made this presentation a ‘feast’ for the eyes and ears.
The large audience was expecting a spectacular show of colour, light and atmosphere and they were certainly not disappointed.
The evening concluded with Club Chairman, Dave Illingworth, who thanked John for a truly memorable presentation.