Club Meeting Report, Spectrum Nostalgia - Tuesday 13th October 2015.

On Tuesday 13th October 2015, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed Life Member of Tynemouth Photographic Society,
Howard Wilson to give a projected digital image presentation entitled ‘ Spectrum Nostalgia ’. In the past an avid
slide photographer, Howard has now digitally scanned his work to produce a series of varied audio visual sequences.
Opening his show, we saw abstract images of gasometer's and coiled rope work, taken at unusual angles producing
striking patterns and textures. Next a series of photographs featuring door knockers, lions, dolphins and galleons,
old and modern, in brass, cast iron, shiny and matt finish with an accompaniment of sympathetic music made for
an entertaining subject matter.
The Gateshead Games of 1990 was next, with shots of commentators, athletes in action and award ceremonies.
A series of scenic shots of Annecy followed, with pedalos, yachts, hang-gliders and colourful day and night time
lake and canal scenes. An interesting sequence of old photographs of the Tyne came next, with tugs, oilrigs, ship
building, anchors and cranes, doorways, lamp posts, cobbles and rusty chains which made for a nostalgic trip down
the riverside in times gone by.
A study of Durham was next, featuring the Cathedral, coats of arms, rowers, rooftops, evening lit street scenes
providing an atmospheric mood of the city. North Shields Fish Quay followed, with brightly coloured boats, orange
nets & floats, crewmen, fish auctioneers, net menders, stacked fish boxes and misty scenes on the Tyne.
Restful scenes taken at Wallington were next, with daffodils, woodland, greenhouses and the walled garden, these
images were complimented by soft pastoral music. A very interesting documentary of the 1990 Gateshead Festival
followed, including many colourful flower borders, water features, public art exhibits, all set against the backdrop
of the Dunston Staiths.
A sequence entitled ‘Stone and Sand and Sea and Sky’, covered coastal views, glowing beach scenes, seabirds,
waves, rock pools, sea spray, cloud formations and golden sunsets, producing a delightful view of coastal life.
Howard concluded with an atmospheric av entitle ‘Big River’, which included sepia toned archive scenes of the
Tyne with warehouses, steamboats and dockyards with mighty ships towering over neighbouring terraced housing.
This eclectic mix of images made for an entertaining presentation during which Howard provided the audience with
interesting commentary and facts. Club Chairman, Glyn Trueman, thanked Howard for not only his contemporary
work but his retrospective collection of images providing a fascinating insight into life in the North East.