Club Meeting, 3 of a Kind Print Competition - Tuesday 4th April 2017.

On Tuesday 4th April 2017, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed Dave Richardson, APAGB, from Ryton Camera Club
who gave his comments on and announced the results of the annual ‘ Three of a Kind ’ print competitions. Prior
to the evening members had been invited to enter panels of 3 separate colour prints and 3 separate monochrome
prints on any subject. Prints were judged as a set of three which must have a link or theme to connect them to
each other. Sets were also judged on tonal uniformity and must be cropped and mounted in a similar fashion so
that no one image should stand out from the rest.

Dave opened the evening with the monochrome section of which there were twelve panels which included rocky
coastal scenes, the Medici Palace, portraits of adults and children, sheep shearing and sand and cloud patterns.
He went on to award fifth place to Glyn Trueman with Skye Views, dramatic landscape views of mountains and
a waterfall feature in the centre to draw in the eye, with a sense of impending stormy weather, which the judge
described as well composed and powerful. Fourth place went to Alistair Cooper with Black and White Beauties,
a set of motorbike engines, with gleaming detailed chrome which Dave admired for its drama. ' Orses Ed's ' by
Davy Bolam was given third place, a set of three beautiful horses named Billy, Buttons and Bow, with comical
manes which Dave said were fun to look at and were full of character. Gazing Ball by Lionel Bryan was given
second place, a trio of sculptures entitled Farnes Hercules, Ariadne, and Morgan Mailbox, awarded for its spot
on lighting and photography. Finally, Dave awarded the winner of the Three of a Kind, Mono section to Stephanie
Robson for Street Art in the 21st Century, a set of three graffiti characters entitled Where’s the Grem?, Let them
Eat Fish, and This is a Telephone?, which he really enjoyed for its quality of work, the gritty background textures
which worked well in monochrome adding that it was a trio he would happily display on his wall.

                                  1st. Street Art in the 21st Century by Stephanie Robson.

The Colour section, with nineteen entries followed with observations of railway station life, pink flowers taken in
macro, steam trains, castles of the Scaligery Dynasty on colourful Lake Garda, a child looking at, feeling and finally
eating a snack, studies of Corbierre Memorial, a trio depicting Two’s Company, of owls, Goths and trolleys, Puffins
with fish, colourful characters in a flower parade, Great Crested Grebes with juvenile and Hong Kong Reflections.

Highly Commended awards were given to Glyn Trueman with Collared Doves, Nest Building, a sequence of nest
building which were linked by the tree giving it continuity, and to Stone Clouds by Pat Wood, which he described
as a well balanced, simplistic, interesting abstract in shades of pink. Sue Dawson was given fifth place with Journey
up a Lighthouse, On to the Winding Steps, Up Through the Lightroom then And you Hit the Roof, described as a
simple and daring presentation. Death in the Desert by Myra Jackson came fourth, with three images depicting
abandoned decayed, battered and rusty vehicles sinking in the desert sand, which Dave admired for its powerful
story telling, it’s good use of desert light, and its feeling of heat and aridity.

Dave went on to say that it was difficult to choose in which order to place the top three entries, but finally third
place was given to Lionel Bryan with Jeff Koons@Centre Pompidou 2015, Ushering in Banality, Cat in a Bag, and
Michael Jackson and Bubbles, a set of modern art sculptures which Dave described as carefully presented, detailed,
handled very well and worked as a set. ' Can’t see the Wood for the Trees ' by Davy Bolam was given 2nd place.
Using intended camera movement, woodland trees in shades of gold and black, Dave described them as a set of
three which were more than the sum of the parts, supporting each other, having the same degree of tones, colour
and blur.

The judge announced the winner of the Three of a Kind, Colour Section as Vaulted Roof Art, Kings Cross by Davy
Bolam. An abstract in tones of pale blue and white, the judge described them as artistic and graphically strong, the
outer image patterns worked well by fanning out bringing attention to the central image which had depth and centrality.

                                                1st. Vaulted Roof Art, Kings Cross by Davy Bolam.

At the conclusion of a very interesting competition the judge was thanked by Chairman Glyn Trueman for his detailed
and informative comments. The highly commended and placed sets were exhibited around the room for members to
admire and discuss over coffee.