Club Night, A4 Print Comp & Assessment - Tuesday 3rd October 2017.

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On Tuesday 3rd October 2017, Morpeth Camera Club held their Annual A4 Print Competition & Assessment evening.
Members were invited to submit up to four examples of their colour or monochrome work on any subject and seventeen
different authors entered a total of sixty two prints.

The aim of the evening was to encourage those that wished, to produce work for others to enjoy and to get feedback
on their efforts. This was done through discussion with other members, from advice and comment from a recognised
judge and via a secret ballot where members voted for their favourite prints of the night.

Prints were displayed around the room for the audience to walk around and view at close quarters. Each was asked
to select their top five prints in order of preference. The high standard of work made this a difficult task and the huge
range of subject matter on view made selection almost impossible.

Members therefore had to ask themselves what attracts them to one photo and not to another. Subject matter, colour,
presentation, errors, flaws or distractions. Composition, size, symmetry, personal taste, attachment to the subject or
prejudice against a subject. Manipulation, filters.... the list is endless. What initially seems a simple task can be very
different when taking these things into consideration.

When everyone had made their selections the votes went off to be counted and Steve Mcdonald, club member and
NCPF judge led an informal discussion on some of the prints, giving everyone the opportunity to comment on the good
points or suggest how some prints may be improved. Authors were also able to give an insight into the thought behind
their work and the techniques used. In a room of thirty people there were many different views and confirmed that we
all see things differently.

To conclude the evening Steve announced the result of the members votes for the top five prints on the night. Two
pin sharp natural history prints were much admired as 'Red Squirrel' took 5th place and 'Mountain Hare' was selected
in 4th place, both by George Sudlow. 'Raining on the Forth', a monochrome print of a dramatically lit seascape and
cloud formation by John Thomson took 3rd place. Paul Appleby was awarded 2nd place with a beautiful colour print
entitled 'The Wonder of the Web'. The print that accumulated the most votes was 'The Power of the Sea', a detailed,
softly toned monochrome print of a damaged Post and Groyne at South Beach, Blyth giving 1st Place to Davy Bolam.

Club chairman, Mark Harrison thanked everyone who had submitted work, joined in the discussions and assisted with
the running of an enjoyable evening.