Club Night, NCPF Awards & Alliance Portfolio - Tuesday 10th October 2017.

Morpeth Camera Club met on Tuesday 10th October 2017 to view and enjoy the NCPF Annual Competition Awards and Alliance
Entry Portfolio, a competition which is open to all Northern County Photographic Federation clubs to enter. It is divided into two
formats; Digital Projected Images and Prints. In each Format there are two Classes, for Open and Beginners and Open Prints
are divided into two Sections for judging, Colour and Monochrome.

Images come before three esteemed and respected judges from the NCPF and two other judges from outside the Federation
Area. 208 images from clubs which included Keswick, Durham, West Cumbria, South Shields, Saltburn, Workington, Cambois,
Carlisle and Morpeth were projected on the night.

A stunning array of images of natural history, landscape, still life, portraiture, street life and fantasy were among the projected,
from raw high definition monochrome, vibrant primary colours, sepia toned to muted pastels. Glyn Trueman, who presented,
invited the audience to participate with comments on the images throughout the show.

A charming harvest mouse on brambles, a detailed image of a water buffalo, African wildlife at a watering hole, birds of prey
with their catch, gannets vying for mackerel, brown bears with young, a striking red stag in snow, fighting stallions evoking a
real sense of movement, red foxes in snow and sleeping on coiled fishing ropes, snoozing snow monkeys relaxing in hot springs
and a red eyed tree frog were among the varied natural history entries.

Mist seemed to be a very popular feature this year in the landscape section; with atmospheric misty day break scenes in wooded valleys, mineshaft towers in the gloom, receding hills in Tuscany with silhouetted trees, the eerie Dungeness flats, beach groynes
disappearing into sea frets and early morning shots of swans and yachts moored on misty lakes. Seascapes of every description
were included with waves pounding against lighthouses under storm clouds and the Teesside industrial coastal region contrasting
with soft pastel minimalist beach scenes bathed in early evening light. Stunning detailed portraits of boxers, environmental shots
of mine workers, train guards and a Viking Warrior in gritty monochrome stood against glamorous colourful studies of girls with
detailed hair, glossy lips and fur hoods, together with softly lit profiles in monochrome.

Fantasy shots of a lighthouse keeper under dark skies, and foreboding scenes of characters in tunnels, story telling images which
prompt the viewer to ask questions and seek answers contrasted with gentle graphic still life images of fading flowers, crystalline dewdrops on fruit and softly lit yellow flowers in a vase. An abstract high key shot of white buildings of Santorini vied with the
colourful beach huts at Blyth and a continental hallway in bold blues and yellows.

Marrakesh street scenes, tango dancers, rugby players, gymnasts, cyclists, ballet dancers, Asian flower sellers, life on an Indian
train line, happy, muddy obstacle course runners and Buddhist monks texting, were all among the eclectic subject matter of
these award winning images. ‘Tranquil Blyth’ by club member Steve McDonald and ‘Yellow Tulips’ by the late Vince Rooker, a
former Life President of Morpeth Camera Club were among the images selected.

            Thomas Bates Trophy - Tranquil Blyth by Steve Mcdonald, Morpeth Camera Club.

An audio cd from which judges comments and observations were given followed which provided an insight into what judges find
to be the finer points to work on when entering competition. This evening of excellent viewing gave the audience an opportunity
to see the high standard of work submitted by their fellow NCPF clubs after which coffee was served.