Club Meeting Report, AGM - Tuesday 15th April 2014.

On Tuesday 15th April 2014, Morpeth Camera Club held its Annual General Meeting which was chaired by
Club Chairman, Steve Mcdonald. He reported that the club had had another successful Season. Membership
had increased, the club was financially sound and it had maintained a healthy position with regard to entries
into Club and Interclub Competitions. The club had won several trophies including the Reivers Cup in the
Borders Challenge and had achieved second place in the NCPF Championships and as a result will represent
the area in the national championships at Warwick.
Davy Bolam announced that during the summer break he will again be leading his series of summer walks
which are a great opportunity to take advantage of the evening light, get out and about to locations in the
area, exchanging tips, ideas and advice with fellow members.
It was announced that the club will again hold a big event as the main fund raising activity and that Sandy
Cleland, FRPS, AFIAP of Edinburgh Photographic society has agreed to give a show at Morpeth. This will be
held on 11th November 2014.
The existing committee members were all re-elected and willing to carry on their roles as listed below in
the new season -
Chairman - Steve Mcdonald
Vice Chairman - Glyn Trueman
Secretary - Dave Bisset
Treasurer - Gordon Hine
Programme Sec - Dave Illingworth
Competition Sec - Davy Bolam (Projected digital images)
Competition Sec - Vince Rooker (Prints)
Publicity Sec - Stephanie Robson
Webmaster - Davy Bolam
IT Specialist/Projectionist - Mark Harrison
Other Positions -
Delegates to NCPF (3) - Dave Bisset, Dave Illingworth, Vince Rooker
Accounts Examiner - John Thompson.