Club Meeting Report, Bates Cup Landscape Competition - Tuesday 1st December 2015.

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Mary Hartley, a member of Ryton & District Camera Club had accepted the challenge of of judging the " Bates Cup "
an annual projected digital image landscape competition held at Morpeth Camera Club. Twenty two club members had
submitted sixty six images that had been forwarded to Mary four weeks previously and she returned on Tuesday 1st
December 2015 to announce the results.

Taking landscape images is one of the most popular genres of photography, but also one of the most challenging to get
right with weather, location and viewpoint all having to be considered by the photographer. It was clear from the outset
that Mary had carefully studied each shot, giving a detailed description of the content and offering her thoughts on the
subject matter, as each entry was projected onto a large screen. Mary offered advice on taking colour or monochrome
images, cropping and post processing and throughout the evening her constructive critique and suggestions gave food
for thought to those new to photography.

With such a varied selection of work covering coast, countryside, hill and dale, urban landscape and exotic locations,
Mary stated that it had been a difficult task to select her top five placings and highly commended images, but one that
she had found most enjoyable.

1st. Brough Law by John Barnes.
2nd. Bridestones Rock by Glyn Trueman.
3rd. Newcastle by Dave Illingworth.
4th. Beside the Rhone by Sue Dawson.
5th. The 15.55 from Manchester by Steve Mcdonald.

Highly Commended Awards
Durham Cathedral by Neil Baxter.
Unspoilt Natural Beauty by Davy Bolam.
Timanfaya by Neil Baxter.
Winter Light, White Law by Davy Bolam.