Club Meeting Report, Members Night - Tuesday 15th December 2015.


Tuesday 15th December 2015 was the last club meeting before Christmas and Camera Club members were invited to
show a selection their work, describing the location and the methods used to achieve the resulting images.

Vince Rooker provided us with photographs of the Lakes Vintage Sports Car Club Trial capturing the muddy terrain and
rough tracks encountered by a lovely old vintage Austin Seven and Vauxhall on their journey across Honister Pass.

Steve McDonald showcased his mountain climbing experiences with a series of stunning shots of Snowdon, Great Gable,
the majestic Etive Moor crags in Glen Coe, Old Man of Storr in low cloud, the impressive snow clad Mont Blanc with a
backdrop of white fluffy clouds and the Cumbrian Lakes taken in beautiful light.

Dave Bisset followed with colourful abstract shots of cutter blades at Woodhorn with patterns in bold blue and gold. Light
trail images achieved by moving the camera, in neon colours, a sunset through patterned glass and flowers shot through
the base of a crystal glass, illustrated Dave’s love of experimentation with photography.

Karin Jackson’s contribution included beautiful flowers taken at Wallington glass house, a landscape taken from Hong
Kong’s Peak, peat coloured waterfalls near Gilsland and a charming shot of a pet Yorkshire terrier in grass.

Alan Harle was next and treated the audience to a sequence of photographs taken on a cruise through the Prince Christian
Sound in Southern Greenland. Set among brilliant blue skies and still waters, images of brilliant white ice floes, glaciers,
snow capped peaks and colourful wooden houses perfectly captured the serenity of this beautiful country.

John Thompson followed with photographs taken from unusual viewpoints of Bamburgh Castle, highlighting the golden
stonework set against clear blue skies, a Farne Island shot taken on a very windy day with dramatic seas, and Dunstanburgh
Castle taken from Craster Harbour. John’s visit to Swinton Park Birds of Prey Centre resulted in delightful images of a little
owl nestling in terracotta flower pots, a Kestrel captured with its full wingspan on display and a dramatic shot of a Long
Eared Owl set against tree bark.

Peter Downs’ contribution to the evening included images of visitors to Alnwick Castle waterfall, a high key abstract shot
of a building exterior, a Beadnel fishing boat in both colour and monochrome and a detailed shot of an Aln Valley Diesel
engine in sidings, delicately highlighting the detail with the use of HDR.

Davy Bolam then showed a series of photographs which had been recently judged, based on the judges recommendations,
he then made alterations to the images, encouraging the audience to comment on whether they thought that the judge was
correct in their observations, a general consensus being that if all comments were taken into consideration there is a danger
of losing the original concept. Davy then went on to show the audience Morpeth Camera Clubs winning entries in the recent
4-Way Interclub Competition which took place on 3rd December at Cramlington Camera Club. Davy concluded his show with
colourful images taken at the Goodwood Revival Festival. Laurel and Hardy lookalikes, musicians, a bearded lady, Mrs Mops’,
60’s girls, punks, and characters of every description were among his entertaining photographs.

Club Chairman Glyn Trueman’s choice of photographs to show the audience were motion blur based. A particularly striking
image of a pocket watch swinging like a pendulum, zoom burst images of the bridges on the Tyne with symmetrical lights
reflected on the water, motion blur effects using a torch to achieve spyrograph effects and swirling tree branches enhanced
with the use of coloured filters.

Glyn then thanked all who had submitted photographs and the audience for their participation which resulted in another
interesting evening at the club after which a Christmas buffet supper was enjoyed.