Club Meeting Report, NCPF International Print Salon 2015 - Tuesday 20th October 2015.


On Tuesday 20th October 2015, Morpeth Camera Club Life President, Vince Rooker showed a selection of Two hundred
& twenty seven photographs from the Northern Counties Photographic Federation International Print Salon.
Eight hundred & twenty four monochrome prints and nine hundred & seventy colour prints were submitted from thirty
one different countries. Three judges then viewed and marked each print that had to score a minimum mark of twelve
to be accepted into the salon.

In the Monochrome section two hundred & forty four prints gained an acceptance and members were treated to some
of the best entries which included, textured portraits, ballerinas in delicate voile, stormy seas, a bearded mariner in
stunning detail, abstract fishing poles, teasels, high key hill recessions, slum kids, & the white horses of the Carmarge.
Among the images from Europe, China, Hungary, Australia, Ireland and South Africa, were scenes of Yellowstone, fish
writhing in nets, and a Nepalese hair saloon. Out of an amazing variety of photographs judges chose a stunning portrait
of a beautiful girl, entitled ‘Anna Chainmail’ as their Best Monochrome print.

In the Colour section two hundred & forty four prints gained an acceptance and again members enjoyed dancers in vivid
red and black, a Dali inspired portrait, kids searching through a steaming rubbish tip, a Buddhist procession in bright
gold and saffron robes, evening light on paddy fields, mirrored wall reflections, an Asian floating village, an Art Deco
inspired study of a coffee cup and sugar cubes. Also included were futuristic architectural shots, an Atacama sunset,
wild horse herders, a tranquil Dutch windmill scene, moody beach scenes, piers in the mist, life studies, wildlife, sea
birds, an eclectic variety of stunning images from which judges chose 'Waiting for a Storm', an atmospheric scene of a
girl with an umbrella on a beach with black skies promising an approaching storm, as Best Colour print.

Prints which had received ribbons, judge’s medals and awards including ‘Isolated’, a serene landscape of a farmhouse
situated in snow covered fields and hills, that was awarded Best Landscape, were displayed around the room for
members to view more closely, to appreciate the quality of these lovely photographs and give an understanding of the
judges final choices. Club Chairman, Glyn Trueman thanked Vince for his presentation, providing another interesting
evening at the club, after which coffee was served.