Club Meeting Report, Results of Glyns Winter Challenge - Tuesday 18th February 2014.

On Tuesday 18th February 2014, Morpeth Camera Club members enjoyed the results of the " Winter Challenge ".
One of the many duties undertaken by club Vice Chairman, Glyn Trueman is to run a photographic exercise where he challenges
the members to go out and complete a task and the subject this year was to capture ‘Night Scenes’.
At least two different approaches should be used in producing them, such as using available light e.g. from street lights, floodlit buildings, using torchlight to paint a subject or draw a picture, recording light trails, photographing images using moonlight and capturing reflections of lights. The challenge should give those not used to using their cameras at night the chance to practice at using their cameras in the dark e.g. controlling exposure, using long exposure times, overcoming problems with autofocus. It also gives members the opportunity to try out some different techniques such as using torches to paint with light, draw images and produce rim lighting as well as experimenting with other techniques such as zoom bursts.

Members were then required to write a little description of their images to include what they were trying to achieve when you took the image, what techniques were used in capturing/ processing the image and what was learned regarding what the author would consider improving if they could.
A total of 12 members submitted their images which included the Milky Way using a fish eye lens, illuminated buildings at twilight, Alnwick Garden fountain lights, night time reflections on the Tyne. Torch patterns with just the use of a mini maglight, Whitley Bay seafront, fireworks over the Sage, the Royal Quays marina in evening light, brightly coloured shop windows at Eldon Square taken with an iphone, the Ouseburn Toffee Factory, fairground images and drummers at the New Year parade in Newcastle were all among the amazing images presented on the evening.

As with other challenges the aim was to produce some attractive, high quality images that have some originality/ creative elements together with interest and impact, as well as to have some fun, and with this in mind, Glyn announced his favourite images of the night.

Mark Harrison was awarded Best Set, for a series of five images of the Christmas canopy in Morpeth market place; Most Imaginative Image was awarded to Davy Bolam, with his signature in torch light, water droplets on a cd, and Whitley Bay seafront; Sue Dawson with her stunning night time shot of Alnwick Garden Fountains, Dave Illingworth for his image entitled The Pub, and to Elaine Illingworth for Golden Girl, an atmospheric shot of a girl in the New Year Parade in Newcastle.

The raffle and coffee followed another good evening with a varied selection of images produced by members.

Stephanie Robson.