Club Meeting Report, RPS International Exhibition 2013 - Tuesday 28th January 2014.

On Tuesday 28th January 2014 Morpeth Camera Club viewed the Royal Photographic Society’s presentation of
International Images for Screen Exhibition 2013.*

With submissions from all over the world we were treated to amazing images entered for the " In Camera" section.
Cockfighters from Asia, net fishermen, stick fighting, wool spinners, poppy fields, divers off the coast of Cuba, Malaysian
water houses, graphic architectural images from Brazil and the States, industrial scenes from Germany and the wonderful
colours of the Grand Canyon. Salt makers from Taiwan, shades and patterns of deserts, frosted trees in Yosemite,
Macao village life, icebergs, tea workers, The Great Wall of China, beach huts in the snow, camel trains, storms and
temples were among the varied and wonderful images on show, all making the most of amazing light and rich textures.

" The Altered Reality " section was next with some images made to resemble artworks by Dali, Hockney and Rembrandt.
Pastel drawings, oil paintings, woodcuts and watercolours, highly stylised with skilled manipulation, the level of imagination
used by authors had to be seen to be believed.

The RPS International Images in the " Nature Section " followed with wonderful photographs of kingfishers, walrus in Baffin
Bay, hummingbirds, moths, mantis, Blue Jay, pelicans, swallows and owls in flight, fungi, tropical fish, sharks off Fiji,
dolphins swimming, mating falcons, bobcats in snow and jackels with prey. Polar bears on ice ended an amazing selection of
images of wildlife in their natural habitat.

During the evening Club Chairman, Steve Mcdonald gave a short talk on the use of HDR (High Dynamic Range) which
brings more of a tonal range into an image and tries to replicate what the eye can see. He also explained that the use of
RAW images can record even more tonal range and he selected several of the RPS images from the evening that had
demonstrated the HDR technique.

The raffle and coffee concluded another inspiring evening at the club with a wonderful selection of photographs from
around the world.

* (This replaced the planned evening on HDR photography by David Ord who unfortunately could not attend due to work commitments. This will be rescheduled for a later date).