Club Meeting Report, " This Years Thing " with Gerry Adcock - Tuesday 19th April 2016.

On Tuesday 19th April 2016, Gerry Adcock, a member of Hexham Photographic Society and Regional Co-ordinator for the
Royal Photographic Society, gave a presentation entitled ‘This Year’s Thing’ at Morpeth Camera Club.

Gerry started by explaining that for many years he had concentrated on landscape photography, but 4 to 5 years ago, he
decided to reinvent himself and reinvigorate his enthusiasm by diversifying into capturing different types of images. This
has involved trying out different types of photography at different times, explaining the title of his talk ‘This Year’s Thing.’

Gerry started his presentation by showing a series of his stunning, conventional landscape images. These included pictures
from the Lake District, Lindisfarne, Hadrian’s Wall and the Scottish Highlands. Some of these beautiful photographs featured
cloud and mist whereas others were of fields and mountains covered with a sprinkling of snow. He felt that images taken
with just a sprinkling of snow enhanced features in the landscape and were more interesting than those featuring a complete covering.

He then showed several well-seen ‘street photography’ images taken both in the UK and abroad, including Venice, Marrakesh,
Rhodes and Barcelona. Some of these photographs featured his interpretation of street art (graffiti), often showing just a
small part of the painted image. Others were images of people in interesting situations/ poses that often conveyed a message
or told a story. In particular, he liked taking pictures that featured archways and alleys in towns and cities as well as creative
images featuring manikins and other objects in shop windows.

Also included in Gerry’s presentation were several interesting images of people dressed as Goths (at Whitby) and in 1940’s
clothing from World War II re-enactments. He explained that for many of these pictures he had spent time talking to his
subjects to obtain their co-operation and get the pose wanted.

In his presentation Gerry included a number more creative images, which had been manipulated using computer programs
or created in camera using a Lens-baby. This is a basic lens that can be adjusted to allow the user to pick a small point of
focus and create some interesting blur effects elsewhere in the image. The computer manipulations he employed to achieve
a different look for greater visual impact included applying textures, manipulating colours to recreate the effects of using
old colour films, blurring backgrounds and producing images from two or more original photographs. Towards the end of
the session Gerry showed a number of his more recent landscape photographs that had been manipulated to resemble
paintings. Gerry finished by encouraging those present to be bold and try new things with their photography and, most of
all, to have fun.

Chairman, Glyn Trueman, thanked Gerry for his interesting, enjoyable and inspiring presentation in which he had shown
many high quality photographs that demonstrated both his considerable skills as a photographer and his expertise with
computer software.