Club Meeting Report, Dichotomy - Tuesday 15th January 2013.

On Tuesday 15th January 2013 Morpeth Camera Club welcomed local photographer Glenn Calvert who was guest speaker
for the evening. In his introduction Glenn explained that after a sports injury seven years ago, he had to channel his passion in another direction and whilst on a visit to Iceland, was inspired by the shapes, form and colours of icebergs in the landscape and decided that he would capture these images through the medium of photography.
Since then he has produced a book, had gallery exhibitions and now sells his fine art prints.
This presentation was entitled ‘Dichotomy – Mood and Minimalism’ - ( dichotomy being a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities). Glenn has attempted to translate his own feelings about the passage of time and its impact on our surroundings in his prints. Using filters and very long exposures, together with contrasting weather conditions he showed that he was able to produce images of landscapes and seascapes which possess an amazing serenity and atmosphere.
He had decided from the onset that he would create his own individual style of minimalistic monochrome images with subtle tones and now produces seven inch square prints set in large, heavy mounts to enhance the subject. During the evening Glenn encouraged interaction from the audience who were invited to look at and compare his beautiful images. This resulted in the conclusion that where a detailed image conveys everything, an abstract image encourages the use of imagination.
Vice-Chairman, Steve McDonald then thanked Glenn for a very interesting & thought provoking presentation.