Club Meeting Report, AGM - Tuesday 16th April 2013.

On Tuesday 16th April 2013, Morpeth Camera Club held its Annual General Meeting which was chaired by the outgoing
Chairman, Dave Illingworth. He reported that the club had had another successful Season. Membership had increased,
the club was finacially sound and it had maintained a healthy position with regard to entries into Club and Interclub
Competitions. A new Committee was elected, new Chairman Steve Mcdonald and Vice Chairman Glyn Trueman accepted
their roles and stated that they looked forward to continuing the good work of their predecessors, working with the existing
committee & joining fellow newly elected committee members Gordon Hine (Treasurer) and Dave Illingworth (Programme).
This being the penultimate meeting for the club this season, Davy Bolam announced that during the summer break he will
again be leading his series of summer walks which are a great opportunity to take advantage of the evening light, get out
and about to locations in the area, exchanging tips, ideas and advice with fellow members.
The Chairman announced the news that Barry Payling, a photography circuit lecturer, based in Rotherham has agreed to
bring his "Wild Britain" Show to the club’s Annual Spectacular this year. He is amongst a unique band of photographers in
the world who practise ‘pure photography’. Each of his photographs is a true rendition of the scene. His images are exactly
as it was seen through the camera lens, with no manipulation whatsoever, either by analogue or digitals means, with no
lightening or darkening applied. In both the taking of his images and in the printing of them, no filters have been used on
the camera or in the production of a print.
His subjects include landscapes, patterns, still waters, flowing water, coastal scenes and trees. His presentation will be
illustrated on medium-format slides on a Hasselblad projector, and we have been informed that he is well known for his
amusing and sometimes colourful anecdotes.We look forward to Barry’s presentation which will be held on Tuesday 12th
November 2013 at Morpeth Methodist Church.
The evening concluded with a vote of thanks to both existing and outgoing committee members for their hard work during
the season.