Club Meeting Report, Members Print Competition - Tuesday 1st October 2013.

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On Tuesday October 1st Morpeth Camera Club held a members Print Competition where twenty three participants entered
a total of seventy black and white or colour A4 size photographs. These were then temporarily mounted on boards and
displayed on stands for members of the club to wander around and look at closely.
The pictures were generally of a very high standard & covered a wide variety photographic styles & subjects. They included
images of people, scenery, birds, animals, insects, flowers, architecture & night scenes. While many of the images were the
product of good camera skills by the photographer using a wide variety of techniques to produce the effects they wanted,
others were greatly enhanced by skilful alterations & manipulation of the original photographs using computer software in
order to produce some clever and creative artistic effects.
After looking carefully at all of the prints, individual members then had the very difficult task of deciding on those that they considered to be the best by voting for what they considered to be their top three images in a secret ballot. While the votes
were being counted, two club members with experience in judging photographs, John Thompson and Dave Illingworth,
facilitated discussions on some of the images with other members, giving everyone the opportunity to comment on the
good points of many of the images and to discuss how some of the pictures might be improved.
After the votes had been counted Steve McDonald, the chairman, announced the results:
A beautiful and well-crafted picture of the " Tulip Staircase at the Queens House at Greenwich " by Neil Baxter had climbed
to the top and was awarded First Place. Second Place went to one of the clubs most experienced members, Vince Rooker,
for his very atmospheric picture entitled " Mists of Time". Third Place went to the club chairman, Steve McDonald, for his
image " Diving Gannet ", a well-timed picture of a gannet diving into the sea to catch a fish.
At the end of the evening the chairman thanked those members who had entered their pictures into this competition, those
that had facilitated the discussions and those that had helped with running what had been a very successful and enjoyable

Glyn Trueman.