Club Meeting Report, NCPF International Print Salon - Tuesday 22nd October 2013.

On Tuesday 22nd October 2013, Morpeth Camera Club’s President, Vince Rooker presented a selection of work
from the Northern Counties Photographic Federation (NCPF) International Print Salon. Vince explained that each
year, the Federation invites photographers from all around the world to submit their photographs for acceptance
in the salon.
Two thousand three hundred prints from thirty eight countries were entered into the Monochrome & Colour Print
Sections and these were judged by Libby Smith EFIAP MPAGB (Scotland), Walter Gaberthuel EFIAP EPSA (Italy)
and Jack Bamford AFIAP DPAGB APAGB (NCPF). All prints on display on the evening had to have been awarded
at least twelve marks out of fifteen.
To start the presentation, Vince displayed entrants from the Northern Counties and a show of appreciation was
given to Morpeth member John Thompson with his photographs entitled Closed Season and Landscape with
Trees and to Vince himself for his photograph entitled Gairloch Sunset, that had both gained acceptances. This
section included stunning images of landscapes, abstract and surreal subjects, travel, graffiti and seascapes.
The show continued with photographs from the English monochrome and colour sections which included action
shots and portraits, murmuration, dramatic waves, and hoare frosts. Scenes taken in Indonesia, India and South
Africa followed and from China, the club were treated to images of water buffalo, ballet dancers, kick boxers,
and athletics. Slovankian wildlife, Turkish tinsmiths, ice climbing in Norway, dirt riders, wild horses, camel racers,
goat herders and exotic portraits completed the section from other countries.
Morpeth club chairman Steve Mcdonald then thanked Vince for a very interesting, thought provoking presentation
of the very best photographs from around the world, a selection of contrasting images which must have been very
difficult to judge due to their diversity.

Closed Season by John Thompson.

Gairloch Sunset by Vince Rooker.