Club Meeting Report, Trains & Pebbles - Tuesday 2nd October 2012.

On Tuesday 2nd October vice chairman Steve Mcdonald presented the results of the September Challenge.
Members had been tasked to produce two images of trains and two images of pebbles. The aim being to get members to push their photographic boundaries and to try and make their images interesting beyond just being a record shot of the object and to generate interest or an emotional response from the viewer.
Alan Todd, Barry Wadge ,Chris Hills, Chris Earl, Davy Bolam ,Elaine Illingworth, Glyn Trueman, John Thompson,Dave Illingworth, Mark Harrison and Steve himself responded and the results showed that a lot of thought, creativity & inventiveness had been used to meet the criteria. Members commented on their efforts and it was clear that people had enjoyed the challenge, tried something different and had some fun at the same time. Steve's selection that in his opinion best matched the brief are displayed below. The chairman thanked Steve and all members who had taken part in the challenge for a good evening. Steve had recently visited America and rounded off the night with AV show of his trip.