Club Meeting Report, Set Subject Results - Tuesday 4th December 2012.

On Tuesday 4th December 2012 Morpeth Camera Club members gathered to hear the results of this years Set Subject Print Competition.This competition comprised of two sections, Monochrome Print where entrants were asked to depict a ‘Book Title’
and Colour Print where the challenge was to produce a print of ‘The Sea’ (with emphasis on the water, not landscape).
This competition was to be judged on the author’s ability to produce a print which fitted the criteria set by the title, together
with the use of imagination and originality.
David Hall, ARPS,EFIAP,DPAGB,BPE3* had kindly agreed to judge these competitions and after viewing and commenting on each entry he gave the results of the Monochrome Print Section and awarded four "Highly Commended" to - The Birds by Glyn Trueman, Tales of Terror & Mystery by Stephanie Robson, Farewell to Arms by Dave Bissett, House of Cards by Glyn Trueman.
David then selected his top five as follows,

1. Surveillance Unlimited - John Thompson.
2. Bleak House - Davy Bolam.
3. Quadrophenia - Dave Illingworth.
4. The Outsider - Davy Bolam.
5. The Wildhorse Conspiracy - John Thompson

1st 2nd 3rd

From the large number of entries David had a difficult task and in the Colour Print section the following four prints were "Highly Commended" Not Quite Raging by John Thompson, Seawashed Pebbles by Vince Rooker, Light on the Spindrift by Davy Bolam
& Blyth Morning by Ian Cadwallender. His top five Colour Prints were as follows,

1. A Winter Sea - John Thompson.
2. Soft Glow of Sunrise - Ian Cadwallender.
3. North Sea Storm Light - John Thompson.
4. Cool Sunrise - Ian Cadwallender.
5. Angry Waters - Chris Earl.

1st 2nd 3rd