Club Meeting Report, Abstracts - Tuesday 5th February 2013.

On Tuesday 5th February 2013, Morpeth Camera Club vice chairman Steve Mcdonald, presented the results of the recent
Winter Challenge – " And now for something completely different - Abstracts ".
The challenge was to push the boundaries of normal point and shoot photography and ensure that some kind of unusual or
abstract element formed a significant part of the composition of each image entered.In photography it is possible to create
interesting images without necessarily being able to identify the object or scene within the image itself.
Steve had asked members to produce or create an abstract image that made the viewer look into the image & ask questions,
or to fool the viewer into seeing something that was not there or alternatively stop them from being able to see something
initially, that only became obvious after closer inspection.
Members were also requested to include a very brief summary of why they took the image, what elements they believed
made it more effective, and what they would have liked to do to improve or change anything if they could.
Throughout the evening Steve commented on each entry as it was projected onto a large screen, authors explained the
thinking behind their images and the audience joined in with constructive comments and advice(!) before Steve announced
that the following images had in his opinion showed great creativity and matched the brief of his challenge.
1. Seaweed - Dave Illingworth, 2. The Beast - John Thompson, 3. Transporter Bridge Pattern - Davy Bolam.
Steve also selected the following images as Highly Commended, Car Detail - Brian Morris, Chess Piece - Jenny Lamb, Psycho
Sugar - Dave Illingworth and Tree Puzzle - Davy Bolam.
Club chairman Dave Illingworth then thanked Steve and those who had contributed to the challenge for an evening that had
been as promised " something completely different ".

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