Club Meeting Report, "Welcome Evening" - Tuesday 8th September 2015.

On Tuesday 8th September 2015, Morpeth Camera Club members were welcomed by new chairman Glyn Trueman
to the first meeting of the 2015/16 season. During the evening each member of the committee explained their role
giving a useful insight into the duties that they perform behind the scenes to make it a successful & enjoyable club.

Each official also gave a short presentation of their kind of photography and Programme Secretary Dave Illingworth
started the show with a selection of his favourite images. Dave stated that he had no specific style and illustrated this
with a mix of images of old Newcastle, wooden staiths at Blyth, travel images and studio shots.

New Vice Chairman and I.T. Guy Mark Harrison was next and he also displayed a varied taste of subjects. These
included some Hdr images, architecture, light trails, water and filter images. Mark has an interest in Portraits and
studio shots and he explained his methods and equipment used, illustrating his talent and enthusiasm for this genre.

Club Treasurer, Gordon Hine followed and his preferred subject of photography is taking portraits of his grandsons,
which were beautifully lit and truly captured their personalities. Colourful shots of the Morpeth Gathering, mostly of
interesting characters in the parade and reflections in musical instruments were also included in his presentation.

Webmaster & Projected Digital Image Competition Sec Davy Bolam is an avid user of photoshop to manipulate his
images but he decided to show a different side to his photography and he presented an Audio Visual sequence of
" Paddy's Hole" at South Gare, Redcar with photographs of very colourful boats and reflections in water, all taken in
beautiful light and set to a soft musical accompaniment.

Next on was Vince Rooker, President for Life & Print Competition Secretary, who this year celebrates fifty years of
membership at the club. Vince’s interesting presentation included still life images, all shot in natural light, fruit and
flowers subtly vignetted, shots taken on the summer walks programme of steam trains at Tanfield, Church Hill at
Alnmouth, colourful images at the Skipton Carnival, snowy hill tops at Loch Awe and finished with birds of prey.

Club Secretary, Dave Bisset continued the evening and stated that he has no particular preference of subject
but will have a go at any genre apart from portraits. Since moving to the region he has had a special interest
in the River Tyne and has a catalogue of scenes from its source to the river mouth. Photographs of Kielder
Water, Bellingham reflections, the Millennium and Tyne Bridges were included plus interesting rust patterns.
Glass bubbles and reflections in paperweights, Air shows, African wildlife, butterflies and birds were all viewed.

Concluding the Committee presentations Stephanie Robson, the Publicity Secretary explained that her taste in
photography is varied, she has a passion for sunsets, retro images, graphics, graffiti and colourful shop windows.
Images of sunsets in Darwin and Italy, colourful doors at a 60’s swimming pool, a lotus flower with insects, graffiti
on the streets in the UK and France, and general observations from her travels were included but her real passion
is creating audio visual presentations.

The chairman concluded the evening by thanking the committee members for their contributions to a very enjoyable
night after which coffee was served.