Club Meeting, NCPF Salon Selection - Tuesday 6th December 2016.

On Tuesday 6th December 2016 the planned guest speaker failed to attend and at very short notice Morpeth cc Vice
Chairman Mark Harrison stepped in to project images from the Northern Counties Photographic Federation 37th Salon
of Photography. This salon attracts entries from all over the world with an amazing high standard of work.

The first presentation was of the Open Colour Pdi's and in this section 2,152 images were entered from 45 countries
and 509 gained an acceptance. These included dramatic sports images of surfers, canoeists, dirt track riders, rugby
players which vied with soft pastel shots of veiled ballerinas. Landscapes ranged from serene misty mountain scenes,
orange Indian sunsets, cityscapes in stark reflected glass, stormy seascapes, smoking Indonesian volcano craters,
fishermen with nets on eerie still water and desert camels on glowing sand dunes. Beautifully detailed portraits of
charming nomadic girls, a saffron robed sadhu man, smiling Indian children, peasant workers and a stunning veiled
Qatari woman followed. Nature images were represented by rodents on bluebells, delicate butterflies, colourful
Australian parrots, boxing wallabies and even squirrels around a card table. The three selectors for this section were
Romain Nero from Luxembourg, Leo Rich from England and Leo Palmer representing the NCPF. They selected Image
of Africa by Wenguang Lu of China as the FIAP Gold Medal Winner - Best Colour Image.

The second presentation was a selection of images from the Open Monochrome Pdi's where 1,730 images were entered
from 46 countries and 484 gained an acceptance. Story telling re-enactment shots of WWII pilots, station workmen,
tanners and lathe workers. Frozen lakes and icebergs contrasted with stark Victorian street scenes, Asian street life,
portraits of every description, happy, sad, afraid, glamorous and pensive, street children, tramps and tribesmen. Mud
wrestlers contrasted with patterned skeletal trees in snow, and humourous Magritte inspired top hated city workers
were placed against gleaming steel subways and Manhattan skylines. The three selectors for this section were Romain
Nero from Luxembourg, Leo Rich from England and Morpeth Camera Clubs Life President Vince Rooker as the NCPF
representative. They selected Brief Glimpse by Andrew Nicoll of England as the FIAP Gold Medal Winner - Best Mono
Image .


Chairman Glyn Trueman thanked Mark for standing in at the last moment and for showing an inspiring display of
excellent photogtraphy from around the world, after which coffee was served.