Club Report, 2nd Open Print Competition - Tuesday 3rd March 2015.

On Tuesday 3rd March 2015, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed Keith Robertson ARPS, AFIAP, to judge the 2nd Open Print
Competition. A member of Hexham Camera Club, Keith said that it was not so much judging but expressing his own opinions
on techniques, creating good balance, for prints to be well presented with sympathetic cropping allowing the subject to have
space and creating a focal point.

Colour Print Section.

There was a large variety of subjects in the thirty eight Colour Print entries, wildlife, a golden autumn scene, woodland, stark
landscapes, religious statuary, a Venetian canal scene, musicians, and a lovely wheat field against grey skies, vibrant colours
in a fairground scene, a gleaming motorbike, an abandoned rusty car, an interesting reflected village and a charming portrait
of a child. Keith stated that it was important for the photographer to take photographs for themselves and not to concentrate
on a competition entry, to create their own identity and style.With these criteria in mind Keith made the following selections...

1st.  2nd.  3rd.

1. The Estuary by Chris Randall.
2. Egyptian Vulture by Myra Jackson.
3. Charlies Garden by Ian Cadwallender.
4. Rachelle in Red by Mark Harrison.
5. Church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood by Lionel Bryan.

In addition to the above the following prints were awarded Highly Commended, Through on the Inside by Davy Bolam, Winter
Light by Davy Bolam, Charlies Garden Sunset by Ian Cadwallender and My Daddies Big Army Motorbike by Dave Illingworth.

Monochrome Print Section.

In the thirty six entries in the Monochrome Print Section, subjects included sculpture, street scenes, a sweeping shoreline, a
highly detailed shot of the Tyne Bridge from The Side, St Petersburg Architecture, Hermitage Castle, rooftops taken from the
Tyne Bridge, studio shots, an atmospheric avenue of trees, abstract and modern architecture and street vendors. Keith was
looking for distinctive blacks and whites, good use of depth of field and the avoidance of background distractions and chose
the following as his award winners -

1st.  2nd.  3rd.

1. RRS Discovery by Paul Saint.
2. Enjoying the Fair by Glyn Trueman.
3. Taking Time Out by Pat Wood.
4. The New Yorker by Ian Cadwallender.
5. Innocence by Mark Harrison.

In addition to the above the following prints were awarded Highly Commended, Troopers on Parade by Ian Cadwallander,
The Jetty by Davy Bolam, Winters Magic Light by Dave Illingworth and Tankers & Tanks by Dave Illingworth.

Chairman, Steve Mcdonald thanked Keith for judging the competition and for sharing his views and opinions after which coffee
and tea was enjoyed.