Club Report, Carol Palmer ARPS - Tuesday 13th January 2015.

Carol Palmer, ARPS, a member of Hexham & District Photographic Society, was guest speaker at the Morpeth Camera
Club meeting on Tuesday 13th January 2015.

       Sunset Bridge.        Snow in Chicago.

Carol has been a keen photographer since the 1970’s and became a member of Hexham club 22 years ago, where she
participates in the workshops, studies the history of photography and goes on assignments with the group whatever the
weather. She particularly likes to work on projects, preferably in a series of six images and at present she is working
on a project she started two years ago.

Among her many prints shown on the night were Edinburgh Fringe portraits, flamboyant characters at the Northern
Pride Event and a panel showing Newcastle’s Millennium Bridge in perfect evening pastel colours. In another set of prints
depicting old enamel advertising boards, vintage trucks and graphic details of old American cars, Carol had reduced the
colour palette to create a feeling of age.

Photographs of Derbyshire ducks & villages, fisheye shots in Lisbon, dramatic abstract patterns in the futuristic architecture
of the City of Arts & Science in Valencia, street scenes, hilltop villages in the Marques region of Italy and Seattle’s EMP
Museum with its ultra modern exterior in vibrant colours, were all included in Carols amazing selection of work.

Carols use of experimentation was evident in her digital versions of the Bromoil darkroom process, adding textures and
subtle colour. Stylised snowdrops, dead tulips with textured backgrounds, wild garlic and frozen flowers all printed on
art paper give the impression that Carols images were in watercolour.

In the workshops she attends, members experiment with replicating Man Ray inspired solarisation, Impressionism,
Seurat’s pointillism and the bold brush strokes of Fauvism using the painting brush in Photoshop, the digital version of
pinhole photography, and imaginative landscapes originating from textured paving slabs.

Carol concluded her presentation with silvery seascapes, sunsets through clouds and images of falling snow and shiny
reflections after the rain. Carols presentation was interspersed with stories of her travels together with her husband
Leo and her enthusiasm for photography resulted in a very enjoyable evening.

A question and answer session followed with Carol explaining some of her methods and techniques and that although
she works in all weathers her main passion was the challenge of photographing in bad weather conditions.

Vice Chairman Glyn Trueman thanked Carol for an excellent presentation.
                                                                                                      Stephanie Robson.