Club Report, Members A.V.'s - Tuesday 6th January 2015.

On Tuesday 6th January 2015, club members were invited to show their own Audio Visual Presentations at the first
meeting of the New Year.

Vince Rooker opened the evening and explained the background behind his first sequence about a Canadian Airman
who fought in the Second World War. After the pilots death, relatives found a poem which he had written depicting
the horrors of war. This poem, called "High Flight" was then narrated by Vince and set to images of aeroplanes, big
skies and billowing cloud formations, producing a different and atmospheric audio visual of the war.

Steve McDonald followed with his av entitled Sheep, accompanied by pastoral music, Steve’s photographs of sheep,
taken on his long walks in the hills and snowy mountains together with shots of sheep shearing. His use of sympathetic
panning and zooming resulted in a calm depiction of country life.

Mark Harrison continued with a contrasting upbeat production, entitled My Progression in Photography, he entertained
the audience with a series of stunning studio shots using glamour models. Mostly in black and white, his use of multi
shots and clever use of transitions, masks and exploding titles resulted in a dynamic show.

Next on was Stephanie Robson with her av entitled Scotland, lilting Scottish music accompanied images of woodland,
lochs, harbours, colourful sunsets, yachts and islands bathed in warm evening light.

Vince Rooker returned with his second show, a tongue in cheek av entitled We Will Never Surrender.
Photographs mainly taken at World War Two re-enactments, together with cheerful wartime music, Vince succeeded
in portraying the atmosphere of the time, with shots of characters in uniform, GI’s, Tommy’s, girls in 40’s clothing,
newspaper cuttings and medals.

A second presentation by Stephanie Robson entitled Lakes and Mountains, showed a selection of images taken on a
visit to the Aguille du Midi, in Chamonix, with the snow capped Mont Blanc and colourful walkers before moving on to
the Lake District with scenes over Derwentwater, snow laden trees and Buttermere reflections in autumn confirming
how beautiful the Lake District is at any time of the year.

As there was time to spare at the end of the evening Stephanie ended with a colourful av demonstrating the many
aspects of Thailand. Peddlers trading goods in the floating market and on the beaches, shanty dwellings on the coast
and colourful flower markets, all contrasting with the exotic golden temples, buddhas, and Thai dancers in vibrantly
coloured costumes. Set to traditional music this was an excellent finale.

After each presentation members were invited to give comments and suggestions.

Chairman, Steve Mcdonald thanked all who had contributed to the evening’s entertainment.