Club Report, Producing AV's - Tuesday 16th September 2014.

On Tuesday 16th September, club members welcomed Alec Cowley, a member of the Cramlington A.V. Group,
who had been invited to give a talk on the subject of producing Audio Visual presentations.
Audio Visual production is a method of combining photographs and music to create a show which can be seen
via a computer, burned onto a DVD for viewing on a television or shown through a projector. Alec commenced
by explaining the basics of AV production and showed that by controlling the duration of time an images is on
screen together with the use of transitions, you can create a more dramatic effect. He demonstrated examples
of these effects, simple fades, sliding transitions and that by moving images around to match the type of music
selected one can create a story rather than simply using a series of photographs with no continuity.
The evening continued with Alec showing his AV entitled Night Tyne which opened with a series of misty, moving
images of the riverside and continued with stunning, colourful shots of the bridges using very clever transitions
that had been produced by editing in Photoshop. Alec stressed that one can easily be drawn into overproduction
by using too many transitions which are not pleasing to the eye.
Interaction with the group brought up a question of whether the music was chosen first or the photographs. Alec
explained that usually a piece of music inspired him and then he would take photographs to match the mood of
the music, but he can often look through his collection of photographs and see a theme which can be used for a
show and then choose a piece of music to compliment them.
Alec’s second audio visual was entitled Flying Machines, a series of images taken at the Sunderland Air Show.
Set to a fast paced humorous piece of music it resulted in an amazing display of aerobatics across the screen and
with his skilled application of transitions achieved a great sense of movement and drama.
An AV entitled Inside Cragside followed, a selection of images of the interior of the house, set to quiet music but
this time using long transitions to create a calm atmosphere. It was testament to Alec’s skill at photography, as
the interior of Cragside is notoriously difficult to capture due to the dark conditions, that he was able to produce
wonderful interior shots.
Alec generously shared many of his methods and entertained the group with his productions which will surely
inspire members to create their own AV’s for a new club competition later in the season. Club Chairman, Steve
McDonald thanked Alec for his great presentation, after which coffee was served.
                                                                                                                        Stephanie Robson.