Club Report, Results of Glyn's Winter Challenge - Tuesday 17th February 2015.

On Tuesday 17th February 2015, Morpeth Camera Club Vice Chairman Glyn Trueman presented the results of his recent
photographic challenge where he had asked members to produce up to four images that featured food and/or drink at
any stage in their production to their consumption. The aim of this challenge was to produce well composed images that
had some originality/creative element(s) giving them interest and impact whilst at the same time matching the set
criteria. Glyn had also requested that at least one of the images was to be a "Still Life" composition.

Digital images of farm animals including pigs & cows, fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned produce, salads, eggs, cheese,
food preparation, cooking, baking and Sunday lunch all displayed aspects of the "from Market to Mouth" theme.
In the Still Life section of the challenge, subjects included fruit, glassware, wine & cheese, garlic, fresh vegetables, port,
spices, coffee and cutlery all in different settings. Most of the authors were trying this genre of photography for the
first time and the results showed that a lot of effort and thought had gone into producing some excellent examples.

Each member that participated gave a brief resume of their work explaining the thinking behind the image & what was
involved to achieve the results shown. Mishaps, amusing anecdotes, triumphs and techniques were all discussed along
with light hearted comments and suggestions from the audience, which made for an enjoyable night.

After presenting the members work, Glyn showed a few examples of his interpretation of the theme before announcing
that his three favourite images of the challenge were High Pressure Kitchen by Dave Illingworth, Shake of Pepper by
Sue Dawson and Frozen Fruit by Davy Bolam.

      1st.    2nd.    3rd.

The aim of these challenges is - To encourage members to develop, diversify & improve their photographic skills, to
provide a challenge for those who want to push themselves, to get some informal feedback on their photography, to
have some fun, and on this occasion all objectives were met.

Club Chairman Steve Mcdonald then proposed a vote of thanks to Glyn for all his efforts and thanked all those who had
taken part.