Club Report, Spring Challenge Artistic Architecture - Tuesday 7th April 2015.

On Tuesday 7th April 2015, Glyn Trueman presented the results of the Morpeth Camera Club Spring Challenge.
During his tenure as club Vice-Chairman, Glyn has encouraged members to partake in a number of photographic
exercises with the aim of getting those that wished, to go out and use their cameras and produce a selection of
images to a set of guidelines.

" Artistic Architecture " was the theme for this challenge and members were asked to produce up to 4 images of
any architectural structure or feature in an artistic manner. It was hoped that those partaking would produce well
composed images that ideally had some originality/ creative element(s) giving them interest and impact, rather
than being straight record shots.

Ornate details, patterns and shapes, shadows and reflections, distortion and close up's were all included in the
seventy seven images submitted by seventeen different members and it was fascinating to see the many different
ways that authors had interpreted the brief. Textures and colours, old churches to stunning glass offices, bridges
to castles. It was clear that everyone had put a lot of thought, effort and time into producing some very good
examples on the subject.

Location had also been carefully considered, with images taken in Paris, Madeira, Florida, Wales, Portsmouth,
Edinburgh and locally at Berwick, Newcastle, South Shields, Tynemouth and Blyth. Different styles of architecture
added to the enjoyment, with each image displaying a different aspect of the theme. Audience participation was
encouraged throughout the presentation and authors explained the thinking behind their images and the techniques
used. Filters, cropping, light, photoshop manipulation, hdr, inversion and multiple exposures all added to the creativity
or artistic element that had been requested.

1st. 2nd. 3rd.

Glyn commented on the high standard of entries and that it had been very difficult to select one image over another,
as all had contributed something to the challenge. He did however select his three personal favourite images as the
Newcastle Civic Centre by Davy Bolam, Got the Blues by Lynn Nicholson and Pyramid at the Louvre by Steve Mcdonald.

The aims of the challenges was to encourage members to develop and diversify their photographic skills, provide a bit
of stimulation for those who wished to push themselves, and to get some informal feedback on their work. This has
helped new members to join in, talk about their images and perhaps take away the fear of entering full club competitions.
Members have enjoyed the six challenges that Glyn has set over his two years in office and the results show that all the
objectives have been met to the benefit of the club.

Club chairman Steve Mcdonald then thanked Glyn for his hard work in preparing and presenting the challenges.