Club Report, The Essence of Light with Jed Wee - Tuesday 10th March 2015.

On Tuesday 10th March 2015, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed Jed Wee, ARPS, AFIAP who gave a projected digital
image presentation entitled The Essence of Light.

A Member of Durham Camera Club Jed graduated with a Law degree from the University of Durham before deciding
to follow his passion as a professional photographer. He joined a sports agency and spent ten years as a working
photojournalist, photographing major national and international sporting events. During his career he has photographed
some of the biggest sporting names, his images have been published in magazines and all the UK national newspapers,
and some as far afield as New Zealand and China.

He attained a Masters degree in the Photographic Image in 2006 and went freelance in 2008, and continues to do regular
work for a range of clients, his main interest being sports, wildlife, landscapes and architecture.

His excellent action shots of boxing, athletics and football and swimming depend on getting the appropriate angle to give
added drama to the shot. For instance, swimming shots benefit from a low level while tennis shots are improved with a
high vantage point, thus cutting out audience distractions. With photojournalism, the image should tell a story such as an
ecstatic footballer after a winning goal and by using 300ml and 400ml lenses he captures silhouetted golfers and backlit
tennis players and by using warm up sessions to take his photographs he has time to choose a good position and adjust
his camera settings.

During his presentation Jed invited the audience to ask questions which revealed that he nearly always has his camera
set on auto focus and burst shooting so that he is always prepared for the unexpected. Copyright, fees and permissions
were discussed and clarified.


Delightful images of ducks, woodpeckers, deer, sheep with lambs, cheetahs, wild and captive animals, birds of paradise,
crocodiles and bats are included in his many stock images. He also runs photographic workshops working with owls and
birds of prey stunning examples of which were shown on the night. Polar bears in snow, gannets on bass rock, close up
shots of seals with anecdotes of visits to the Farne Islands; discussions on responsible behaviour in the presence of
wild animals, care of equipment were all included in Jed’s presentation.

Jed proved to be a very talented photographer and a confident and humorous presenter.

Club Chairman, Steve McDonald, thanked Jed for a truly exceptional night and club members look forward to a return
visit to Morpeth which he has so kindly agreed to do.