Club Report, Through Two Lenses - Tuesday 4th November 2014.

On Tuesday 4th November 2014, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed guest speakers Keith and Olive Robertson, members
of Hexham Camera Club to give their print presentation entitled ‘Through Two Lenses.’
One could safely assume that two photographers at the same location would produce similar photographs but this was
certainly not the case with Keith and Olive. During their presentation they each displayed three photographs at a time,
from many locations, illustrating their own style and personal taste resulting in a fascinating insight into how the same
location can produce a completely different point of view.
Contrasting images such as snowy scenes and colourful rust patterns at Tanfield; beach donkeys bathed in light and
colourful fairground scenes at the seaside, steamy images of geysers at Yellowstone contrasting with detailed sulphur
coloured terrain; milky seascapes and colourful rock formations in Scotland.
Keith and Olive transported the audience to many locations around the world, including the Marches region of Italy with
its hill towns glowing in evening light, café culture and festivals in Avignon, the stormy skies and starkness of Death
Valley, the atmospheric street life of Cuba, classic cars, colours and textures of decaying homes, moody portraits of
ranchers, the mighty snow covered Tetons and stunning views of Lakeland, including misty atmospheric images around
Derwentwater. An amazing selection of photographs were interspersed with tales of snow blocked canyons, interaction
with local characters, humorous stories of a ghost town in New Mexico and tsunami instructions, or lack of them.
The evening concluded with a selection of photographs under the description of ‘What I Like to Do.’ Keith demonstrated
his love of sports photography, especially capturing facial expressions, experimenting with filters and manipulation to
produce aged photographs of sailing vessels and has recently enjoyed an ‘interesting’ project commissioned by the
Young Farmers in the form of a risky calendar.
Olive has become interested in hand tinting and photo montage and has recently completed an imaginative series of
historic photo montage images of north east icons. She also loves to get involved in group projects which have resulted
in a beautiful series of still life images of flowers.
Keith, an extremely accomplished photographer in his own right, must surely be very proud of Olive, who only took up
photography after she retired and has succeeded, in a relatively short period of time, in developing her own imaginative
style of work. This engaging couple kept the audience transfixed with their presentation and both were warmly thanked
by Club Chairman, Steve Mcdonald, after which coffee was served.
                                                                                               Stephanie Robson.