Club Report, Visit by Ponteland P.S. - Tuesday 27th January 2015.

On Tuesday 27th January 2015, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed members of Ponteland Photographic Society, as part
of an exchange visit, Morpeth having visited their club in early December 2014. A wide variety of subjects, ranging from
Russian Camera equipment, cats, 3D production, astral and underwater photography were included in these very interesting presentations.

First on was Peter Russell, who only took up serious photography 18 months ago and developed an interest in Russian cameras
and lenses, using film and manual focus only. With the aid of a Russian Sniper lens, he has successfully captured dramatic aerial shots of the Red Arrows, and appealing seal pups on the Farne Islands. He combines the use of old Russian cameras and lens and DSLR bodies with 1000ml Russian mirror lens to take dramatic photographs of the moon, creates unusual effects with multi image filters, extension tubes and rotating split image filters resulting in some very interesting photographic images. He invited members to look at his old cameras and equipment, the cost of which was just a fraction of what modern day equipment would be.

Next to give her presentation was Kath Guellard, very much a cat lover; she was keen to show the audience her CATalogue of charming images. Expressive cats, yawning, sad looking, angry, snoozing in the sun, sunbathing in the garden, posing cats with attitude, in trugs, all colours, ginger, tabby and silky black. On holidays abroad she has photographed feral Egyptian and Italian
cats all in sharp detail and with excellent eye detail. She is also drawn to street scenes, particularly in the rain, people relaxing
on picnics, youngsters at play, messing around on the river, barge life and bridges shot in evening light.


To continue the evening Alan Barker’s subject was 3D photography, although 3D has been around since the 1930’s, it is still developing and improving with digital technology and has become Alan’s predominant interest through the Stereoscopic Society.
Alan explained the principles of 3D and handed out glasses to the audience to view an audio visual presentation in 2D and 3D describing methods, how to produce 3D images using Photoshop, producing duplicate images printed side by side, making a cardboard viewer, his 3D camera, and demonstrating the dramatic effects with example photographs.

To conclude Ponteland’s presentations, Ray Palmer, a new member of the club, not only took us to outer space but to the depths
of the oceans. Ray is drawn to the challenge with a DSLR of taking images using long exposures and combatting thermal noise.
We saw stunning images of Orion Nebula, North American Nebula in vivid pinks and oranges, Elephants Trunk, 2,500 light years away, Horse Head Nabula in brilliant reds, 3,500 light years away and the Cigar Galaxy 11 million light years away. Using filters,
his photographs display where stars are being formed, organic molecules and exploding stars. With the use of a modified webcam and software capable of stacking images we saw the moon in beautiful detail, Jupiter moons and Saturn rings. On his underwater
diving expeditions Ray photographed shoals of silvery Barracuda, Red Sea dolphins, playful seal pups off the Farnes, Pacific shipwrecks, angular Manta Rays and stunning pink anemones.

Club Chairman, Steve McDonald, thanked all presenters for a varied and very interesting night after which a buffet supper was enjoyed.