Club Meeting Report, 1st Open Print Competition - Tuesday 17th November 2015.

On Tuesday 17th November 2015, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed Mavis McCormick LRPS, a member of Hexham
Photographic Society to judge the First Open Print Competition where members can submit their work without having to
adhere to restraints of subject. Judges are requested to select their top five and give four highly commended awards in
each section, however after viewing the prints Mavis stressed that she would have liked to have given more highly
commended awards as the entries were of such a varied and interesting nature.

Colour Print Section.

Thirty Seven prints in the Colour Section included an abstract study of fishing nets, a sunlit church interior highlighting
warm wooden ceilings, a couple silhouetted against a gold & blue sunset, a lone swan gliding across a lake with billowing
reflected clouds, cool and crisp blue ice floes, a detailed image of Ponte Vecchio, Florence, a barn owl taking flight, angular cityscapes, and a pattern picture of multi-coloured umbrellas.

1st  2nd  3rd

The winner of the Colour Section of the First Open Print Competition was Pat Wood for ' Tea Break ', a wonderfully detailed
close up of a workmans hand holding an old enamel tea mug. In 2nd Place was Steve McDonald with ' Tranquil Blyth Beach ',
a beautiful view of groynes & sand with a sunset glow. In Third place was ' Aviator Man ' by Chris Earl, an unusual photograph
of a figure reflected in the lens of aviator sunglasses. Fourth Place went to John Barnes with ' Fallen Leaves ' and in 5th Place
was Dave Illingworth with ' Wet Day in Edinburgh '.
Highly commended awards were given to Davy Bolam for ' Montbretia in Ice ' and for ' Winter Light ', to Steve McDonald for
' Streets of Venice ' and to Mark Harrison for ' Sunset on the Forth '.

Monochrome Print Sections.

With Thirty One prints in the Monochrome Section, Mavis admired the beautiful tonal ranges in many of the entries, which
included an abandoned oil tank, a sepia toned wreck of a car, a reflected ruined castle with silvery reeds in the foreground,
droplets from a fountain set against stormy skies, a colourful scene of the Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel, shadowy Iona
Cloisters, a sweeping double helix patterned image and a steam train dramatically emerging from a tunnel.

1st 2nd  3rd

The winner of the Monochrome section of the competition went to Steve McDonald for ' Little Owl ', a charming photograph
of a Little Owl perched next to tree bark providing perfect camouflage. In Second Place was ' Winter Hide-Away ', a lone
cottage set in a snowy landscape taken by Davy Bolam. Third Place went to Vince Rooker with ' Three Blooms ', a lovely
portrayal of flowers lit by the sun.' Langdale Pike ' by Peter Downs was in Fourth Place and in 5th Place was ' Seascale
Jetty ' by Davy Bolam.
Mavis awarded highly commended to Elaine Illingworth for ' Under the Tyne ', ' Charles Scribner's & Sons ' by Chris Earl,
' Chess ' by Steve McDonald, and ' The Fear of Being Followed ' by Peter Downs.

Club Chairman, Glyn Truman, thanked Mavis for such a detailed appraisal and for her constructive comments on so many
prints which were then displayed around the room for members to appreciate at closer range.