Club Report, Set Subject Print Competitions - Tuesday 3rd February 2015.

On Tuesday 3rd February 2015, Morpeth Camera Club staged the judgement and consequent awards of their annual
Set-Subject Print Competitions. There were some 60 entries in this contest which featured in Monochrome, photographs
interpreting, " Through the Window " whilst the Colour section required the member to submit a photograph to " Illustrate
a Poem ".

The competition was judged by club Chairman; Steve McDonald who presented each print and together with interesting
commentary, including as appropriate, constructive critique and compliment. The judge correctly demanded that all entries
were compatible with the competition " Title " with the " Window " being visibly evident in the image entered. The issue of
what constitutes a " window " was also considered and collectively, this led to degrees of often humorous, member participation,
all of which added to the overall entertainment of the evening and light diversion from the serious pursuit of adjudication.

The winner of the Monochrome, " Through the Window " entries was : Bench View by Mark Harrison with a classical view
through and including a high window complete with long curtains and draped pelmet, leading to garden bench. To add to the
‘period’ effect of the picture, it was printed in sepia with an excellent tonal range.

The Colour category, " Illustrate a Poem " comprised 27 entries who had selected works from many literary ‘greats’ including: Tennyson, Brooke, Coleridge, Tolkein, Thackery, Shelley, Nash, Keats and Mansfield but the winner transpired to be author of
both Poem and photograph: none other than the talented, MCC, Vice-Chairman; Glynn Truman. His sunlit, autumnal image of
Bothal Village War Memorial with pictures of ceramic poppies from the 2014, Paul Cummins /Tom Piper, mammoth and popular installation; ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ at the Tower of London, aptly illustrated his Poem, below -

War Memorial
A weeping willow,for tears of sorrow.
A cold stone cross for the village loss.
Leaves glow red, for mens’ blood-shed.

Four other places were awarded together with a total of eight prints being Highly Commended by the judge, who
congratulated and thanked all members on the fine and engaging quality of entries.                                                                                                                     Lionel Bryan.

The full results were as follows -

Monochrome Print.

1st. 2nd. 3rd.

1. Bench View by Mark Harrison.
2. Summer Fruits by Dave Illingworth.
3. Life through a Painted Window by John Barnes.
4. Fascinating Fascinators by Lynn Nicholson.
5. Broken Window by Davy Bolam.

Highly Commended - Bleak Outlook by Davy Bolam, Reflected Outlook by Dave Illingworth, Working Shipyards by
                             Lionel Bryan and Home Sweet Home by Glyn Trueman.

Colour Print.

1st. 2nd. 3rd.

1. War Memorial by Glyn Trueman.
2. Wor Angel by Davy Bolam.
3. Razor by Glyn Trueman.
4. Best Friends by Vince Rooker.
5. Unknown Soldier by Vince Rooker.

Highly Commended - Trees by Davy Bolam, Spiral Staircase by Lynn Nicholson, A Thing of Beauty by Dave illingworth
                             and From a Rooftop by Sue Dawson.