Club Walk, Blyth South Beach, Pier & Harbour - Tuesday 22nd August 2017.


The last walk on the Morpeth Camera Club summer programme was held on Tuesday 22nd August as we visited
South Beach, Blyth, a popular photographic location. Ten members met at the old Bandstand on the seafront
but once again the weather left a lot to be desired. Leaving the promenade the group headed north along the
beach as the high tide retreated, leaving wet sand and good reflections. Whilst some members got to grips with
neutral density and ten stop filters, others tried their hand at moving the camera to get abstract images of the
seascape. Rocks, bricks, marine life and patterns created by sea coal on the beach were also captured.

The River Blyth flows into the North sea in a south easterly direction and is protected by two piers. The longer
east pier is not open to the public whilst the west pier has an unusual dog leg section which is angled to deflect
the tides and to stop the river mouth silting up. The pier timbers retain substantial boulders under the walkway,
these rocks protect and stabilise its base against the ebb and flow of currents and tide. The sea and the elements
are taking their toll on the huge wooden structure, however, the rusted bolts and decaying wood made interesting
subjects for colour and texture images.


This pier is also a popular spot for rod fishermen and taking the opportunity to walk out on the pier we passed a
number of local anglers with mackerel taken on lugworm. At the end of the pier we had a great view of the east
pier lighthouse and of two small service vessels from the new offshore wind farm project and the Blyth Inshore
RNLI lifeboat, as they entered the river.

Returning to land, members attention focused on the South Harbour and the large offshore support vessel berthed
at the West Quay. At 5090 tonnes and over 100m long, the Skandi Neptune towered above the many yachts in the
marina. Nets, sea birds, lobster pots, reflections in the harbour, and colours of the boats were all recorded before
we made our way back to our start point after an enjoyable walk. Thank you to those who attended.

Davy Bolam.