Club Walk No 7, Bolam Lake Country Park - Tuesday 7th July 2015.


Bolam Lake Country Park was the latest venue on the summer programme that gives members of Morpeth Camera
Club the opportunity to meet up, have a chat take some photographs. On Tuesday 7th July 2015, we gathered at the
Boathouse Wood car park and set off following the numerous footpaths around this popular countryside attraction.
The centrepiece of the park is the lake which covers over twenty five acres, but many visitors are not aware that it
is man made.
In 1816, Lord Decies who lived at Bolam Hall, employed the architect John Dobson to design a woodland park with a
lake on the Bolam estate, in an area known as Bolam Bog. This bog was then dug out by hand and lined with clay to
retain the water. Islands were created with spoil from the excavations & over a two year period the area was flooded
and the lake created. Trees were then planted and many of them remain today. In 1972 Northumberland County Council
purchased the lake and woodland to create a country park for public access.
Today it is a thriving habitat for animal and plant species including red squirrel, roe deer, fox and the lake has a large
resident population of Mute Swans. Tufted duck, Mallard, Moor hens and Coots can be seen with Canada geese also
regular visitors.
Although the weather was dry, cloud cover and occasional patchy sunshine did not make it easy for photography. As
the wind strengthened from the west and most of the wildlife retreated into the shelter of the nature reserve area,
attention turned to looking for texture and details in the woodland. After a couple of circuits of the lake most members
had captured something of interest and we returned to our starting point to end our evening walk.
Thank you to those who attended.
                                                Davy Bolam.