Club Walk No 9, Newbiggin by the Sea - Tuesday 21st July 2015.

Walk Number Nine on the Camera Club Summer Programme took place on Tuesday 21st July 2015, as we
met in the Church Point car park for a walk around the coastal town of Newbiggin by the Sea.
Leaving the car park some members went down to the beach, several started on the Newbiggin Art Trail
whilst others visited the 13th Century Church of St Bartholomew that stands overlooking the bay. Walking
around the church grounds several medieval gravestones can be found with unusual markings and a close
look at the other headstones tells the story of those lost at sea and the high price paid by the local fishing
community over the years.

The aim of the evenings is to explore places of interest in the local area and the original focal point of the
Newbiggin sea front was is its promenade, opened by Sir Charles Trevelyan in 1932. In recent times it has
been upgraded and improved and from any point on the walkway you can see one of the United Kingdoms
first ever permanent offshore sculptures. Installed in August 2007 and standing on a breakwater 200 meters
from the shore, "Couple " by the artist Sean Henry, is a 12 meter high bronze & steel artwork of a male &
female who have been nicknamed "Ebb & Flo" by locals. These iconic figures have become the new focal
point and something that must be photographed.
Newbiggin has a long history of fishing and "Endeavour", "Xmas Rose", "Three Sisters R" were just three of
a number of traditional fishing Cobles seen next to the beach with others also recently painted and under
During the evening members dispersed around the town recording many of the interesting buildings including
the RNLI lifeboat station, the Maritme Centre and the Art Deco "Caffe Bertorelli". The town was also at the
forefront of early telecommunications when in 1868 the first telegraph cable from Scandanavia came ashore.
Cables were floated by tar barrels, towed ashore by Danish seamen in longboats, then pulled up the beach by
horses and placed in trenches cut by local fishermen. They terminated in the Cable House, a small white building
just off the promenade.

The weather stayed fair with occasional breaks when a shaft of sunlight would briefly illuminate an object or
building before dulling over again leading to some dramatic cloud formations as the walk came to a close.
Thank you to the those who attended and I hope everyone got some images from this interesting venue.

Davy Bolam.