Club Meeting, Members A.V. Evening - Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

At the first Camera Club meeting of 2017, a wide variety of subjects and themes were enjoyed in the annual
A.V. evening. Members were invited to showcase their images with the addition of music to produce an audio
visual presentation.

Ursula Pearce, a new member of the club, opened the evening with a show entitled Farewell to Summer, scenes
of Bothal Castle and church included details of leaded windows and stonework, autumnal views of the countryside
from the churchyard with its lichen covered gravestones, debris covered stepping stones, a wintry scene of Alnwick
Garden fountains successfully depicting the cold atmosphere of the season.

Next up was Stephanie Robson with a fun av entitled Get Me Out of Here which told the story of photographs left
in a camera, long forgotten. Protesting images are then downloaded and make their way to the editing suite where
music is added. Colourful graffiti images from Spain and Portugal emerge until; at the end they all regroup into their
file and make their way into their folder on the desktop in a very original sequence.

Another new member, Kate Philipson followed with a delightful presentation of flowers, set to pastoral music,
Kate’s macro skills were shown with great effect. Vibrantly coloured irises, sunflowers and lupins contrasted with
soft pastel magnolias, lilies and orchids all set in a lovely walled garden.

Load Out by Steve Mcdonald was a photographic documentary of NOAH’s (Narec Offshore Anemometric Hub) maiden
voyage out of the Tyne, its main aim being to undertake underwater acoustic monitoring of marine mammals. Set to
dramatic rock music with a time lapse sequence of sweeping clouds and cranes loading gear on board before sailing
out to sea, made for a very interesting presentation.

Mike Weighall followed with San Sebastian, The Old Town, set to lively, bold Latin music, images of city life, harbour
and beach scenes, amusement parks, Monte Urgull’s museum, street art, piazzas, balconies and cobbled alleys gave
the audience an insight into this charming corner of Northern Spain.

Steve McDonald returned with Sheep, set to gentle pastoral music, his obvious attraction to the countryside shone
through with lambs feeding, playing, perched on walls, set against Lakeland fells and snowy mountainsides, at country
shows and being shorn.

Davy Bolam followed with Paddy’s Hole, a study of contrasting life at the mouth of the Tees, dark industrial scenes
with billowing smoke and gas flares with sharp pristine images of colourful red and blue fishing boats reflected in water
and moored at low tide set against crumbling jetties and bright green fisherman’s huts, all captured in perfect light.

Chris Hills’ audio visual journey took the audience to Jersey for an island tour, street scenes of St Helier, Pilot Rock at
low tide, Gorey with its colourful harbour side cottages, the towering Mont Orgueil Castle, Martello Red Tower, and
sand patterns at Greve de Lecq. Eerie Jersey war tunnels and the Maritime museum with its magnificently coloured
tapestry depicting life under the occupation concluded Chris’s presentation.

Steve McDonald returned with Walkabout, illustrated with scenes of country life, rocky outcrops, abandoned millstones,
snow covered mountains, old stone bridges reflected in still lakes, flocks of sheep appearing through misty moorland
and The Old Man of Storr on Skye.

Two further short presentations by Stephanie Robson concluded the evening and demonstrated that several members
have a real talent for this aspect of photography. Club chairman Glyn Trueman thanked everyone for their contribution
to an evening of creativity after which coffee was enjoyed.