Morpeth CC visit to Cramlington CC - Thursday 28th November 2013.

This report is taken from the Cramlington Camera Clubs Website giving their view of
our presentations on Thursday 28th November 2013....

This evening's meeting saw members of Morpeth Camera Club visit us to show some of their images.

The evening began with Chris Hills showing us two audio-visual presentations each featuring one of his passions: trains and buses. The bus presentation was particularly interesting. It consisted of a look back in time using photographs of what are now vintage buses. Chris had taken these photographs when the vehicles were still in use.

Stephanie Robson could not make it to the evening but had supplied an audio-visual presentation of photographs featuring the outstanding beauty of the Scottish landscape.

Davy Bolam treated us to some of his fantastic abstract patterns, explaining how he had produced them, using techniques such as repeatedly flipping an original photograph. It was enlightening to see how different an image appears having undergone this process.

Gordon Hine showed us photographs he had taken over the last year. He explained how he was starting to process more, using Photoshop and Nik Effects to produce the final image he wants, rather than settling for the photograph straight out of the camera.

Glyn Trueman confidently talked about the photographs he had brought along to share with us. He showed a wide range of subjects, including some augmented with some sneaky photoshopped additions.

Mark Harrison, as well as being one of our members, is also a member of Morpeth CC. He had put last week's tutorial into practice, and produced two audio-visual presentations. The first was a series of photographs of classic cars, and the second a collection of photographs taken on summer walkabout evenings with either Morpeth CC or Cramlington CC. This second presentation included many familiar faces and generated more than a few laughs.

Steve McDonald showed a series of slick, professional-looking audio-visual presentations. The first was of photographs taken in Liverpool, the second was of birds taken from locations off the north-east coast, and the third documented a boat trip to view dolphins in the North Sea.

Vince Rooker displayed a photographic pot-pourri of subjects before bringing the evening to a close with a light-hearted series of amusing pictures.

A huge thanks goes to to Morpeth Camera Club for taking the time to visit our club and entertain us with these presentations. We look forward to returning the favour with our reciprocal visit on 4th March 2014.

(Reproduced with kind permission of Mark Illingworth who wrote this report).