Club Meeting, The Way I see Photography - Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

On Tuesday April 3rd 2018, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed Joe Sheridan Fda BA (Hons) ARPS from Washington Camera
Club, who gave an interesting and varied presentation entitled ‘ The Way I see Photography ’. At the start of the meeting
Joe explained that while he started photography at the age of 12, it was only about 10 years ago that he started take the
hobby seriously. He has since obtained a BA degree in photography and had also been awarded an ARPS.

Joe’s presentation consisted of a series of six audio-visual presentations on a wide variety of themes demonstrating his
interest in several genres of photography. The first of his audio-visual presentations entitled ‘Landscapes’ included many
recognisable images of scenes from North East England, the Lake District, Yorkshire and Scotland. In these images that
featured mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, churches, lime kilns etc., Joe demonstrated the use of slow shutter speeds
to capture the movement of water and the use of both colour and monochrome photography, sometimes showing how
the same scene looked in both colour and black & white.

The second presentation entitled ‘ Seascapes, Sunrises and Sunsets’ showed his interpretation of coastal sunrises and
sunsets, with many of the images having been captured on the North East coast, the photographs included some glorious
sunrises and scenes of waves crashing over structures such as piers, lighthouses and beacons. Many of the locations in
this section were also recognisable to the audience including: Alnmouth, Blyth and Saltburn

Joe than went on to show his third audio-visual presentation, ‘Animals and Wildlife’, after explaining that he was not a
specialist wildlife photographer. While this section contained relatively few images of wild birds/animals, he demonstrated
his competence as a photographer with some interesting images of, pets, zoo animals, farm animals, squirrels and birds
of prey, including owls. One image in particular of two sheep with the number 118 on their backs amused the audience
with its resemblance to TV advertisements for the 118 118 company.


Joe then went on to show three more audio-visual presentations that featured some of the projects he had undertaken
when completing is BA degree in photography, which he had done the difficult way by studying part time over 7 years.
In the first of these, based on a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration/extermination camp, Joe conveyed his chilling
response to the experience, by the careful use of sound and silence, text slides and some stark monochrome images.

The next presentation featured three projects, one based on allotment, showing the crops that were being grown and
harvested, the allotment holders at work and relaxing in around their hut. He had also made a photobook of this project
with prints made on handmade paper and bound using strips of wood and old nuts and bolts – to convey the atmosphere
of the allotments. This was followed by a series of amusing, imaginative and sometimes surreal images from two projects:
one involving miniature figures looking at, photographing and riding on snails etc., and the other featuring some scenes
constructed using Playmobil characters carrying out tasks like making sandwiches, repairing cars & attending emergencies.

Joe’s final audio-visual presentation for the evening featured a series of images captured for a project at Beamish Museum.
This contained a number of high quality images of items on display, and more importantly images of staff and volunteers
working there. During this project he had successfully captured many images of people in period costumes using light from
windows in a style similar to that used by some old masters in their paintings.

After Joe had finished his presentation, the chairman, Mark Harrison, thanked him for an informative and interesting evening.
Joe then made a selection of his Photo Books available for members to look and discuss informally with him, before enjoying
coffee and biscuits.

Glyn Trueman.