Club Night, Members Pdi Knockout - Tuesday 19th December 2017.

On Tuesday 19th December 2017 at the final meeting before Christmas, Morpeth Camera Club held their customary fun
Knock-Out Competition where images are randomly projected two at a time and the audience are invited to choose their
favourite which will go through to the next round. The eighty images on view covered a wide variety of subjects, with the
first round appearing relatively easy as one is inclined to choose an image which is appealing personally.

Images of cyclists vied with skydivers, a still life vied with a toucan in flight, a leopard was placed next to a flower and a
crocodile was next to a train and driver. A mandarin duck, church interiors, a old steam iron, landscapes, waterfalls, dew
laden flowers, graffiti, street life, studio portraits and wildlife were also among the eclectic mix of entries.

With Chairman Mark Harrison controlling the computer software and Vice Chairman John Barnes presenting, there was
plenty of cheeky banter from the audience but as the rounds progressed it evidently became more important to choose
an image which demonstrated thought, imagination and expertise.

Round two saw randomly selected images placed together and tuts and groans were heard from the audience when two
of their favourite images were pitched against each other. Round three followed with a silhouetted lady placed next to a
church interior, a red fox verses sand patterns, an owl vying with the Holy Island causeway and waterfalls up against a
hummingbird. Then we came to the semi-final with an image of a girl looking over to a landscape of lovely green rolling
hills submitted by Roseanne Robinson competing with an atmospheric shot of a steam train with billowing steam by Alan
Harle then Morpeth`s Telford Bridge and St Georges Church from the snowy river bank by Sue Dawson and a atmospheric
image of Holy Island causeway entitled Passing Storm by Davy Bolam.


Although there was a strong contrast between the two final images, with entirely different subject matters the audience
opted for Davy’s causeway as the Knockout winner with Alan’s steam train as runner up. John thanked all who took part
adding that both the final images were excellent but at the end of the day one had to choose the one which had hit the
spot. Members then enjoyed their traditional buffet supper and will meet again after the Christmas break, on 2nd January.