Club Meeting Report, My Photography - Tuesday 5th March 2013.

On Tuesday 5th March 2013, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed local photographer Lynda Parker of Blyth Camera Club
as the guest speaker for the evening. Lynda took us on a journey of with her photography and explained that at first,
whilst studying Art and Art History, a foundation course of photography left her less than enthusiastic about the subject,
finding the cameras of the time difficult and complicated.
Moving on several years and with the advent of digital she found a new passion for the subject and embarked on both
"O" and" A" level photography courses. The recording of light and its effect on all aspects of the world around us became
a passion and led to Lynda completing a series of projects on a theme. Lynda stated that although many of her images
were not competition standard they did have a personal feel with a large proportion showing friends and family enjoying
their hobbies and pastimes, with the emphasis on small details and things that would normally go unnoticed.
During the evening Lynda showed many images, from low light shots of musicians to self portraits, from graphic effects
to family pets, a willingness to experiment both behind and in front of the camera has led to Lynda creating her own style
of photography. Morpeth chairman Dave Illingworth then thanked her for sharing her journey up to this point and we look
forward to future episodes.