Club Meeting Report, Members Digital Knockout - Tuesday 19th March 2013.

On Tuesday 19th March Morpeth Camera Club staged its annual Knockout Competition in which club members were invited
to submit 4 digital images on any subject to be judged by members themselves.
These images were projected in pairs and members voted on the photograph they preferred and the remaining image was
removed in the elimination process. The evening was hosted by John Thompson who gave constructive comments on the
very wide variety of subjects submitted, highlighting that to compare such contrasting images was quite a challenge.
As the competition continued to another round, members had to choose between two images which they had previously
voted to be the best in previous rounds making it more difficult as the quarter and semi final rounds approached.
With a mixture of colour, sepia and mono images it soon became apparent that images in monochrome were favoured on
the night. There were 79 entries submitted by 20 members and on the occasion that there was a tie in a round, John was
given the casting vote explaining his reasons for his choice.
In a very close competition the two images left to compete in the final were " Oliver " by Gordon Hine and " Holy Island "
by Alan Todd. After much deliberation, club members voted " Oliver " to be the Knockout Winner.
At the end of the competition John Thompson was thanked for his presentation, Barry Wadge was thanked for his technical
input and the evening concluded with members discussing the evenings’ presentation, exchanging tips and ideas about
1st. Oliver 2nd. Holy Island