Club Meeting Report, Transformations - Tuesday 8th October 2013.

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On Tuesday 8th October 2013, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed Mark Illingworth who gave a presentation that he entitled
" Transformations " about his work in manipulating digital images. The meeting was very well attended and the audience
included a number of visitors from Gosforth Camera Club.
Mark is a member Cramlington Camera Club who has gained a local reputation for creating imaginative and unusual or surreal pictures from the photographs he has taken. Many of his pictures have won awards in both local and international competitions.
Following a short presentation he had given last season, Mark had been invited back this year to give members some insight as
to how he manipulated his images to achieve the desired results.
During the course of the evening Mark showed members the processes he went through in producing several of his pictures. For each image he initially showed the original photograph followed by the final image and then described the many different stages
he went through in order to achieve the final picture.
Mark explained that when he first started this work it was largely experimental and that he would try out different effects and techniques when altering his images, using computer software such as ‘Photoshop’ and ‘Nik Effex’. Now, having gained expertise
in using different software packages, he often takes photographs with a plan to change them in order to create a final image that
he has in mind. In answering questions he explained that work on each individual picture can take several hours and that he
would often work on an image in stages over several days. The techniques that he uses include:
* The removal and/or addition of colour to all or part of an image;
* Adjusting the brightness and contrast over the whole or parts of the picture to create a more pleasing or dramatic visual effect;
* Building up images from one or more photographs using several layers, to add textures or additional components to an image;
* Manipulating images by selecting and moving different elements in the original picture;
Mark also explained that while some aspects of an image may be made to deliberately look unreal, he paid a great deal of
attention to making his images look realistic e.g. by creating shadows when inserting a new objects into a picture.
At the end of the evening the club’s chairman, Steve McDonald, thanked Mark for his excellent presentation, which will no doubt inspire some camera club members to have a go at some creative manipulation of their photographs and others to be even more creative in the future.
Two examples of how Mark changes his photographs of a ‘Knight’ and the’ Mad Hatter’ are reproduced above and below.

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