Club Meeting Report, 2nd Open Print Results - Tuesday 25th February 2014.

On Tuesday 25th February 2014, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed Keith Suddaby, FRPS,MPAGB,EFIAP,FBPE, to judge the
2nd Open Print Competition. This competition gives club members the opportunity to enter both colour and monochrome
prints and get feedback on their efforts.
Keith stressed that he was not only looking for technical aspects of a photograph but that the image should tell a story,
have good balance of tones and that, although standard rules of photography were there as a guide, he was looking for
innovative crossing of boundaries to produce original work. He was pleased to see that graphic interpretations were now
beginning to become more popular and that an open competition was an ideal platform for photographers to display their
In the monochrome print section an array of different subjects had been captured, from ruins, rickety garden sheds,
boats on mudflats and cascading waterfalls, to light infused alley ways, statues, steps and misty dawn landscapes.
In the colour print section Keith stressed the importance of colour value and the use of the colour spectrum, and whether
the image was intended to be in true colour or an interpretation of colour. He wanted to see strong vibrant colours which
give impact or muted pastels which produce a calm and serene effect. Again there was a wide variety of subjects including
a hilltop village in varying shades of light, autumn leaves, winter scenes, wildlife and still life. Keith had been requested to
select his top five prints & give four highly commended awards in each section, the results were as follows -

Monochrome Print Section.

1st 2nd 3rd

1. Bridge Jigsaw by John Thompson.
2. Ready to Repel the Invasion by Dave Illingworth.
3. Just Thinking by John Thompson.
4. Viking Woman by Elaine Illingworth.
5. Plymouth Lighthouse by Chris Earl.

Highly Commended awards were given to Steve McDonald with Last Seed and Dawn at Windermere; Chris Earl for Seaton
Sluice to Blyth, and to Cragside Mist by Vince Rooker.

Colour Print Section.

1st 2nd 3rd

1. Space to Think by John Thompson.
2. Sarah and Friends by Dave Bisset.
3. Bronzed Angel by Chris Earl.
4. Winters Gibbet by Steve Mcdonald.
5. Fern by Yvonne Fisher.

Highly commended awards were given to Chris Earl with Does Anyone Have a Handkerchief; Paten and Rosary by Vince Rooker; Solitary by John Thompson and The Last Train by Davy Bolam.

Club Chairman, Steve McDonald thanked Keith for judging the competition and for sharing his expertise with the group. The raffle and refreshments concluded a very interesting evening at the club.