Club Meeting Report, Results of Browell Trophy - Tuesday 11th March 2014.

On Tuesday 11th March 2014, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed Peter Yearnshire, LRPS, from Blyth Camera Club, to judge
the Projected Digital Image Natural History Competition.
This is an annual competition where members may enter up to three digital images of a subject that clearly belongs to the
world of Natural History to compete for the Browell Trophy, a silver plate that was presented to the club in 1985 in memory
of a former member Jack Browell, who had a great interest and knowledge of the subject.
In this competition care should be taken to ensure that a photograph does not fall too strongly into the pictorial class of
photography at the expense of Natural History, that images should display natural form, habitat, behaviour & colouring with manipulation limited to tone and sharpening.
Thirty six images were presented which included a Hover Fly on Dandelion, Arctic Terns, Puffins and a Peregrine Falcon in
flight, a Great Egret in long grass, a weasel peeping through grass & wild flowers, a serene swan reflection, colourful wave
patterns on rocks, monkeys with offspring and a Puffin surrounded by Black Headed Gulls.
During the evening Peter judged each image on his criteria of, the natural habitat, good cropping, pin sharp detail, good
composition, the avoidance of background distractions, colour and definition.
Keeping these requirements in mind, Peter made the following selections as his Top Five and H/C images-

1st. 2nd. 3rd.

1. Whooper Exercise by Vince Rooker.
2. Sanderlings by Steve McDonald.
3. Rock Pipit by Glyn Trueman.
4. Tortoiseshell by Mark Harrison.
5. Eagle Owl by Yvonne Fisher.

Highly Commended -
Great Egret by John Thompson, Weasel by Davy Bolam, Burnet Moth by Mark Harrison, Starling by John Thompson.

Peter was thanked for his comments and for standing in at short notice to judge the competition after the original judge
had become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.