Club Meeting Report, Results of Glyn's Spring Challenge - Tuesday 25th March 2014.

On Tuesday 25th March 2014, Glyn Trueman, the club’s Vice Chairman, presented the results of his Spring Challenge.
This was the 3rd of this season’s challenges and members had been invited to go out and produce images, which featured
one or more items of street furniture or street art as an important element of the composition. The challenge was intended
to give members the opportunity use their observational skills, as well as being creative and using their imagination in
capturing some high quality images.

Ideas for the challenge included:
* Producing interesting photographs of objects that we usually ignore e.g. Street lamps, signs, bollards, telephone boxes,
   post boxes etc.
* Creating abstract images using street furniture, its shadows and reflections.
* Images of street art or graffiti
* Images of sculptures or decorative/artistic features on buildings above shop windows.
* Images of signs which may be amusing, or be interpreted in a different way.

As with other challenges members aimed to produce some attractive, high quality images that have some originality and
/or creative element(s) together with interest and impact, as well as to have some fun. In response to the challenge 16
members submitted 61 images which were projected and discussed by members during the course of the evening .
The images submitted covered a wide range of subjects including photographs of amusing signs such as those of a 20mph
speed sign in Morpeth and a sign outside Wm Wright Ltd’s shop which is something of a minor local institution on the fish
quay at North Shields (see pictures).


Other photographs featured street art including statues and attractive and humorous graffiti, telephone boxes, bollards,
seats, lampposts, litter bins, water features and a fire escape. During the evening authors were given the opportunity
to talk about their images and other club members were able express their appreciation and discuss some alternative
approaches to producing the images where appropriate.

Towards the end of the presentation the Vice Chairman revealed his five favourite images as follows -

1.   Davy Bolam’s picture of the colourful Chinese Arch in Stowell Street, Newcastle.

2.   Dave Bisset’s image of a Water feature in Horsham Sussex.

Both of these images skilfully showed the main subject in colour with surrounding buildings showing as they would
in pen and ink drawings.

3.   Bicycle Graffiti by Vince Rooker, featuring a motor bike in front of a piece of colourful graffiti.

4.   A well-constructed picture entitled Mooring Post by Mike Weighall, taken in Amble                                                                        harbour. This combined a bold foreground with some a subtle background colours.

5.   An image entitled Evil Hare, by Mark Harrison, a composite image of piece of a graffiti
                                                           hare combined with trees & grass that were taken from other photographs.

At the end of the presentation, Club Chairman Steve Mcdonald thanked Glyn for his efforts and the raffle & coffee followed
another good evening with a varied selection of images produced by members who took up Glyn's challenge.