Club Meeting Report, " Father & Son to the Rescue..." - Tuesday 2nd February 2016.


On Tuesday 2nd February 2016, Mark Illingworth of Cramlington Camera Club stepped in at short notice to give his
pdi presentation entitled ‘Candid People Photos’. This followed the very late cancellation by the original guest speaker
for the evening. Mark prefers to take through the lens candid shots of musicians at work, and although shooting from
waist level is a more discrete method, he stated that most musicians are quite happy, and encourage photographers
at their concerts.
Working in monochrome, Mark was able to capture detail in facial expressions under difficult lighting conditions and
his animated shots of guitar players and vocalists, moodily silhouetted and sometimes spot lit, recorded the liveliness
and excitement of these public concerts.
The Newcastle Green Festival, International Riverside Festival at Stockton and the Tynemouth Festivals all provided
colourful locations for him to capture shots of bongo players, trombonists, street fire eaters throwing flames & forming
light patterns, whisky samplers, bottle jugglers and dreadlocked musicians. Newcastle city centre on New Year’s Eve,
illuminated faces watching the fireworks and flare dancers in brilliant reds and oranges, New Year dippers in Santa
suits gasping at the coldness of the water, a Blyth weightlifter with a pained expression, and, with the use of a zoom
lens, the thrilled faces of youngsters on rides, were all included in his excellent show.
Mark prefers to visit unfamiliar locations which encourage him to see people from a different perspective providing a
fresh approach and the audience were treated to an original, dramatic and atmospheric representation of his work.

Dave Illingworth, a member of Morpeth club, then followed with his presentation entitled ‘Birmingham Canals and the
Bullring’. Originating from the area Dave’s images illustrated how the city had changed from when he was a boy, growing
up with dingy, dirty working canals, describing how horses used to tow barges full of produce, before eventually going
into decline. He went on to describe how, after the revitalisation of the area it led to the canals being made navigable
once again, warehouses were transformed, pubs were restored, and barges were now painted in vibrant colours resulting
in a bright, clean holiday atmosphere. Dave’s candid shots included holidaymakers in the sunshine, restored hoists and
cranes, a lock keeper opening sluice gates, and walkers enjoying the once run down tow paths. He went on to illustrate
how the city centre had been regenerated with modern street art, the pedestrianisation of once busy roads, new shops,
iconic glass tower blocks and apartments, yet at the same time had maintained the character and history of the area by
retaining iron aqueducts and its red brick buildings. His then and now depiction of the city together with anecdotes of
times gone by, resulted in a thoroughly entertaining talk.


To conclude the evening, members were treated to a showing of the NCPF Awards Alliance Portfolio for 2015 where some
of the best photographic work is selected. A wonderful array of excellent images included atmospheric trees in mist, the
orange peaks of Bryce Canyon and glistening Yellowstone in snow. Beautiful lakes and reflections, portraits of train drivers,
pounding rough seas, bleak moorland scenes, delicate ballet dancers, the iconic Aonach Mor and glowing Venice at dawn.
Morpeth members Dave Illingworth with his study of an owl, Elaine Illingworth with an eerie image taken in the Tyne
pedestrian tunnel and Steve McDonald with a diving gannet, were given Highly Commended awards which is quite an
accolade as this portfolio is representative of the high standard of work being produced by the clubs in the Federation.

Chairman Glyn Trueman thanked Mark and Dave for standing in at such short notice and for providing such an entertaining
evening, after which coffee and tea were served.