7 Way Interclub Print Competition - Thursday 27th October 2016.

On Thursday 27th October 2016, Amble Photographic Group hosted this year’s Seven Way Interclub Print Competition
between camera clubs from Amble, Alnwick, Ashington, Blyth, Cambois & Morpeth. The seventh club - Wooler, failed
to supply an entry on this occasion. Each club had submitted four colour and four monochrome prints, which were
marked out of thirty by visiting judge Anne Swearman.
Anne commented on each of the 48 prints, offering her personal observations and constructive comments in her own
style before giving them a score. She stated that after many years of judging she was very enthusiastic about looking
at others photographers work and that as well as good quality, she was still looking for the " Wow " factor, something
in a print that provoked a response.
As the evening went on it was clear that the Morpeth entry was not scoring as well as the other clubs and we can have
no complaints with our last position when the final scores were announced, 1st Alnwick - 206 pts, 2nd Amble - 201 pts,
3rd Blyth - 199 pts, 4th Cambois - 197 pts, 5th Ashington - 192 pts, 6th Morpeth - 177 pts.
The highest scoring colour print with 30 points was “Venetian Sunrise" by John Thompson for Alnwick and the highest
scoring mono print was "Eric the Viking", scoring 30 points for Cambois. Anne was thanked for her efforts in judging
the prints and the evening concluded with a raffle and buffet supper provided by Amble club members.