Club Meeting, Bates Cup Landscape Competition - Tuesday 29th November 2016.

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On Tuesday November 29th 2016, the club welcomed back Anne Swearman ARPS DPAGB, EFIAP, PPSA to judge the
annual Bates Cup (PDI Landscape) Competition. Anne, a member of Whitley Bay Photographic Society, an experienced
judge and an accomplished landscape photographer opened the evening by defining her meaning of landscape ‘as part
of the earth’s surface’ and entries could also include seascapes and cityscapes.

She went on to analyse what she was looking for in a landscape; the image first of all should be technically correct,
have good controlled light and have a three dimensional feeling and must exude atmosphere. Anne stated that she
expects to take a comfortable journey around the elements of an image as this suggests considered composition.

Going through the 69 images the judge gave constructive advice suggesting that the use of a square format or cropping
can add strength to a composition, good light in the middle distance can add depth and the use of monochrome adds
drama to barren landscapes. She admired the use of diagonal dry stone walls, recession of hills, lead-in lines of paths,
hedges and groynes, and low mist which gave a ghostly, ethereal quality. She was glad to see objects in images which
provided scale to mountains and sand dunes, also elements which gave the feeling of distance, such as sharp foreground
colours fading to softness on the horizon and well placed rocks in the foreground to lead the eye into the scene. Graphic
geometric shapes and diagonal lines of cityscapes and cornfield patterns receding into the distance also provided Anne
with the three dimensional quality she was looking for.

She continued by announcing the highly commended places which went to Paul Saint for Shades of Green, Myra Jackson
for Dead Vlei, Chris Randall for Marina Morning, Peter Hetherington for Greenleighton Moor, Brian Morris for Perthscape
and to Chris Randall for Misty Mountain.

Fifth place was awarded to Stephanie Robson for Lake View, in fourth place was Paul Appleby, a new member of Morpeth
Camera Club, with Skye Splash, third place went to Glyn Trueman with Cuith-Raing, second place was awarded to Mark
Harrison with Preston Old Mill, and the winner of this years Bates Cup pdi Landscape competition was Paul Appleby
with Silver Lake Sunset.

Chairman Glyn Trueman thanked Anne for her comments and suggestions, which were most welcome after which
coffee was served.