4 Way Interclub Competition (Part 2 Prints) - Tuesday 21st February 2017.

On Tuesday 21st February 2017, Morpeth Camera Club hosted Part 2 of the Four Way Interclub Competition between
Cramlington, Gateshead, Gosforth and Morpeth. Each club had submitted five colour & five monochrome prints, which
were marked out of thirty by visiting judge Gerry Adcock ARPS, from Hexham Photographic Society.
Gerry commended those involved for the quality and variation of subject matter and commented on each print, offering
constructive critique and his personal observations on each of the forty prints.
During the course of the evening it became clear that several high scoring prints in the Gateshead entry had been used
in the first round which is in breach of the competition rules. Rather than disrupt the competition and embarrass the
offending club it was decided to resolve the matter after the event. The scores were announced as Cramlington 251pts,
Gosforth 260pts, Gateshead 264pts, Morpeth 244pts.
In this Two-Part competition the scores from the Projected Digital Image section (Part 1, that was held on 22/11/16) are
added to the scores of the Print Section (Part 2) to decide the trophy winners. The final outcome after the scores were
combined put Gateshead in 1st place with 491pts, Cramlington & Gosforth in joint 2nd place on 490pts and Morpeth 4th
with 470pts.
After the rules had been confirmed, Gateshead were informed of the facts and immediately withdrew their entry and
apologised for their mistake. This was accepted by all clubs involved who agreed that there had been no deliberate
intent in their actions. The revised result is as follows-

1st. Cramlington - Pdi 239, Prints 251- Total 490pts.
        Gosforth       - Pdi 230, Prints 260- Total 490pts.
3rd. Morpeth        - Pdi 226, Prints 244- Total 470pts
4th. Gateshead   - Pdi 227, Prints 0     - Total 227pts.

The trophy will be shared between Cramlington and Gosforth who will each hold it for six months.